71% Of The US Below Normal Temperature in 2013

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14 Responses to 71% Of The US Below Normal Temperature in 2013

  1. Robert of Ottawa says:

    Detroit under water!

  2. Richard Lynch says:

    I already asked this under another thread , but can explain the contradiction between this assertion and Jeff Masters assertion that “The year-to-date period of January – June has been the 7th warmest such period on record.” . Is it because you are only looking at the US and he is looking at global data?

    I am not arguing with you. I really want to know

    • Latitude says:

      it means it’s getting cooler…
      6 times it was warmer

    • Steve Garcia says:

      Look, the climate has followed an inclined sine-curve of sorts since the end of the Little Ice Age about 200 years ago. The “pitch” of the up cyclic curve is right at about 60 years, with 30 years up and then – because the whole thing is inclined as the world warms up from that really cold period when the sunspot numbers were sometimes zero for years at a time – and then there is a downslope that sometimes is barely down, but almost flat, temp-wise. Nobody knows why this 60-year cycle exists, but it is there for all to see. There was an upslope from 1850-1880, a slight down from 1880-1910, another upslope from 1910-1940, another slight down from 1940-1970, and then an upslope from 1970 to just about 1998. Since then we’ve been in another of the slight downslopes – but it is so slight as to be basically flat across.

      This is IMPORTANT: Even Phil Jones (after Climategate) admitted to a panel that the upslope in the 1990s was the same slope as the earlier ones.

      Every one of the upslopes had a larger slope (mathematical slope) than the downslope which followed each. Thus, overall, each 60-year cycle is a bit higher than the one before it.

      Two things:
      1. Of COURSE coming out of an ice age – even a little one – the temps will rise for some healthy period of time. And 200 years is not a very long time, climate-wise.
      2. OF COURSE if each upslope makes each end of a 60-year cycle higher the years following the peak will also be “among the warmest” years on record. And that “on record” term is an important aspect of it all, because our thermometer records only go back a short while. Cyclical things do not just drop off after reaching their peak; the drop-off is gradual -which is what we are seeing now.

      So, all this suggests – and it was seen about a half a dozen years ago – that we are early in the new 30-year downslope, so people even then were saying it looks like we will have 30 years of cooling climate.

      The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) is somewhat in tune with this cycle, but some see it as an end result, not a causative factor. It appears to me that instead it is the underlying warming after the LIA and that the PDO is just part of that overall.

      It would be nice if some academic actually looked into this cycle and put it into a peer-reviewed journal. Even if there is some explanation other than this for the climate warming, it would be nice to have them look at it an d tell us all why nit isn’t important.

      But then there is this: <b?It is a better climate predictor than any other thing out there. At about 2030 there will begin another upslope. By then the warmists will have been thoroughly discredited and CO2 will be seen as having been a scapegoat/patsy.

  3. Federico Manchini says:

    Well its all on the way down now too bad
    http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/meant80n.uk.php I wouild strongly advise move to the tropics to have a decent life for the next 15 years, LOL

  4. slimething says:

    90+ in Michigan this week.

  5. Anthony Rago says:

    I don’t know about the whole country but I live in NY and the summer is brutal. The winters have been much milder too with less snow. It is actually hotter in NY right now as of this message than it is in FL. I am not saying that global warming is ONLY from what humans do – I do say that every several thousand years – we get climate changes and I believe we are getting one now.

    • Summers in NY have always been brutal. My parents grew up there during the 1930s, which had the hottest summers on record.

    • Steve Garcia says:

      The idea that humans can have any effect on the climate is something that came out of nowhere in the early-to-middle 1980s. We can’t affect the climate, even if we wanted to. 0.3% of the atmosphere by weight is CO2 – of which humans have contributed (if you want to accept the accusations of warmists) less than 1/3rd. 0.1% makes the world climate go catastrophic?

      When we pass the 1930s – IN ABOUT 2060 – then the warmists can all pat themselves on the back. Unfortunately for them, the current 30-year downslope is only about half over. Most climate scientists of today will be retired long before the 1930s records will be broken, so they are going to be the laughing stock of the world in about another 5 years and for ten after that. They jumped to a conclusion and now they are about to get bit in the butt for doing it.

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