Floridian Explains “Stand Your Ground”

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2 Responses to Floridian Explains “Stand Your Ground”

  1. higley7 says:

    In the UK, people are not allowed to carry any item that could be used in self-defense. And, if you are mugged and successfully defend yourself, YOU are taken to court to determine if you used too much force in winning. It’s all about protecting the criminals. This is purposeful by the government, as high violent crime (8 times higher than the US, 16 times, if you leave out the US inner cities) help keep the citizenry sacred and oppressed; that’s how communist regimes survive. With home invasions, people are told to retreat. Guess what happens if they are out to hurt you? You are already cornered by retreating. In the UK, they have banned buying baseball bats over the Internet, taken away all the guns, and made the populace into full-time victims.

    WIth only the some criminals and police having guns in the UK, knives are more commonly used, so now the UK government is thinking of banning larger (kitchen) knives in homes. They have already banned the carrying of all but small folding knives, and they take great exception if you use even a penknife to defend yourself.

    Without “Stand Your Ground,” the bullies (and there will be more of them) will rule the streets just by getting in your face.

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