Obama Says That Zimmerman Should Have Retreated Into The Sidewalk

The president used the highly personal comments to, in his words, put the angst in the black community in “context.” And he also appeared to give his support to Attorney General Eric Holder’s call earlier in the week for a review of “stand-your-ground” laws. The laws allow people to use lethal force if they feel threatened — even if they might have the option of retreating.

“If we’re sending a message as a society … that someone who is armed potentially has the right to use those firearms even if there’s a way for them to exit from a situation, is that really going to be contributing to the kind of peace and security and order that we’d like to see?” Obama said.

Obama enters Martin debate with personal remarks, questions ‘stand-your-ground’ | Fox News

Martin was standing over Zimmerman ground and pounding his head into the concrete, and Obama says that Zimmerman should have retreated.

Obama also believes that the weather is getting worse and that warming has accelerated over the last decade.

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5 Responses to Obama Says That Zimmerman Should Have Retreated Into The Sidewalk

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    The smartest POTUS evah!

  2. Ben says:

    1. Zimmerman testified he was retreating back to his vehicle when he was sucker punched. Will the president call him a liar?

    2. Both the president and AG know that “stand your ground” wasn’t used. It was a straight up self-defense case.

    3. There were grass stains on Zimmerman’s back, and grass stains on Martins knees. It is clear the aggressor was Martin.

    4. No defensive bruises or injuries were found on Martin. Only lacerations on his knuckles

    5. Jeantel, after the trial, during her Piers Morgan interview, now claims that Treyvon threw the first punch. First punch? Every punch. She never mentioned that during trial. She just threw him under the bus, again.

    6. Martins parents would have us believe he was yelling “Help me!” at the top of his lungs, all while ground pounding Zimmerman.

    Mr. President, the truth is not in you. You bear false witness against Zimmerman. You bear false witness against the defense team, who never used “stand your ground”.

  3. scizzorbill says:

    Reality has always been a nuisance for dear leader.

  4. Ben says:

    The man in this next link took Obama’s advice, and retreated…right off the building to his death.


    I wonder what degree of murder he would have been charged with, if he had a gun and stood his ground. The $2,000 in his pocket could have purchased some nice protection.

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