The July – August 1936 Oklahoma Heatwave

From July 11 to August 30 1936, Altus Oklahoma was over 100 F every day but two.  This included thirty-five days over 105F, fourteen days over 110F and two days over 120F.

ScreenHunter_10 Jul. 19 04.53

U.S. Historical Climatology Network

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4 Responses to The July – August 1936 Oklahoma Heatwave

  1. Andy says:

    That’s nothing

    See England

    Steve, do you remember the Met office saying ” A BBQ summer” ? a few years back?

    “However, a repeat of the wet summers of 2007 and 2008 is unlikely.”


    Well they got slated of course for being so wrong, guided by climate change and not accurate forecasting, but now it IS A BBQ SUMMER and they have failed to spot that too….


    Perhaps someone should email them ?


  2. Andy says:

    that’s what happen when you get climate change in your bonnet for a reason for every year ….

    I know we disagree but this and the rowers really gets my hackles up.


  3. Andy DC says:

    A barbeque British Open for a change.

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