Crushed By Ice?

For the next few days, the wind will be blowing right into the rower’s faces, but according to Navy forecasts – by July 27 very strong north winds will be pushing the huge mass of thick Beaufort Sea ice directly at the rowers.

ScreenHunter_102 Jul. 21 10.01

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The thick ice is only 30 miles off shore now. With 50 MPH winds, the rowers would be in tremendous danger. Now would be an excellent time for them to start using their brains and abandon the global warming scam.

ScreenHunter_103 Jul. 21 10.05

Reminds me of this story.

In June 1981 I was working as a wilderness ranger in the Sandia Mountains just outside Albuquerque. Two hang gliders were preparing to take off as a thunderstorm built up. We warned them not to go, but they didn’t listen. One of them got taken up to 40,000 feet and landed in a tree frozen solid 10 miles away.

ScreenHunter_22 Jul. 04 10.34

The Bulletin – Google News Archive Search

Largest Hailstone In New Mexico History

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18 Responses to Crushed By Ice?

  1. kbray in california says:

    I sincerely hope that their support team is not snow blinded by the “mission” and tells them the truth about the upcoming dangers.

    • Richard Lynch says:

      They receive accurate reports from the volunteers who are supporting them back in Vancouver. They are aware of the ice. I suspect they are going to stay put, probably on land, until the winds become more favorable. They can’t row into winds this strong.

      • kbray in california says:

        Why are you now censoring the Facebook page ?
        Mainstream Last First
        about an hour ago near North Vancouver, British Columbia

        “Hey all, Thanks for all of the interaction on this page. Some of it is positive and great but some of you are using this as a forum to access a larger audience for your own agenda. That’s not really what this is for. If you’d like to comment on the job the fellas are doing and the journey they’re on, awesome sauce. If you want to get into a heated discussion about global warming, please do so on your own page. I have, and will continue to, remove any disparaging or negative comments. Now, lets get back to the lads! Great job fellas!!”
        Truth doesn’t need censoring.

  2. Traitor In Chief says:

    I think there was a kid this year who froze to death trying to cross the grassy meadows of Greenland. If any of the team notices others wanting to take their clothes off, this is apparently common among hypothermia victims.

  3. R. Shearer says:

    I love that their effort parodies or at least mimics the AGW movement as a whole but reality will eventually triumph over belief. It reminds me of those who would jump into polar bear exhibits at zoos.

  4. Gamecock says:

    I estimated that they needed to make 30 miles a day to accomplish their trek. They have made 10 miles a day. Now, after 3 weeks of coming up way short every day, they now need to make 40 miles a day.

    Pond Inlet is impossible.

    Fort Ross is impossible.

    Cambridge Harbor is impossible.

    They surely know it. They need to be working on an exit plan.

  5. Scarface says:

    They will accuse skeptics of making it look futile, while they proofed that is was really, really hot over there. After all, the boat was IN the water. Now, what more proof do skeptics need that the ice had melted. It was the wind and extreme weather that made the trip impossible, caused by….


    I think they will spin in into something like this.

    • shazaam says:

      Yeah, the spin will be such that we’ll be wondering how anyone could tell such a whopper with a straight face. Good training for their next job on the stand-up comic circuit though.

      My bets for the most likely spin/excuses:

      1) “Global warming caused the wind to be against us”

      2) “Reggie couldn’t get the Brawndo Blowhard Blowtorch lit, preventing the final melt-off of the Arctic and the leftover dregs of “rotten” ice was just too slushy to row through.”

      They’ll come-up with something the believers will swear is the absolute truth.

  6. Joseph Bastardi says:

    The oddest thing, so what it they did Its been open before.. so whats the big deal if it was open again. Remember, this was not about the nw passage being open. This is the summer or no arctic ice AT ALL. That was the big deal from these people 5-10 years ago. So lets get this back to 1) the original forecast and 2) even if they did make it, been there, done that

  7. Joseph Bastardi says:

    Sorry I am even commenting but the tropics globally are so quiet cause of the IPCC bust on the trapping hot spot ( its bone dry globally over most of the tropics and its causing the ace index to tank yet again..another 2007 forecast shot to the 4 winds by these people) that aside from watching coffee crops freeze and all of antarctica going well below normal, I have to watch this side show.

  8. Richard Lynch says:

    They are also hoping that the winds will break up the ice and speed up the melting as it did last year.

  9. J Calvert N says:

    Maybe, maybe not. It will be interesting to see what happens. The storm is forecast to be ‘cold’ – down to -8 Celsius. But I have no idea whether this is unusual for that area at this time of year.


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