NOAA News For The Next Ice Age

As the advancing glaciers end Chicago’s crime wave, NOAA will announce that this is the 6,321 consecutive month with temperatures above normal.

USHCN will be adjusting temperatures upwards by 17.6 degrees at that time.

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3 Responses to NOAA News For The Next Ice Age

  1. SMS says:

    Don’t forget that a puff of wind is counted as a massive hurricane/tornado. Anything to keep the scare missive going.

  2. Chewer says:

    They may need to expedite their updated temperature sets.
    At the height of SC24, we should be seeing no less than a dozen spots around the circumference.

  3. Tara says:

    Its very confusing, some scientist say its going to warm, others say it will cool? Maybe the earth is old enough that it will figure its own thing out? Maybe its always been this way, and we have not been here long enough to know that? I think it will cool because the earth goes through many ice ages every couple hundred years?

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