Recycled Global Warming Scare Stories From 60 Years Ago

21 July 2013

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‘Our study underlines that these conditions have led to a large loss of ice and significant rises in global sea level in the past.   ‘Scientists predict that global temperatures of a similar level may be reached by the end of this century, so it is very important for us to understand what the possible consequences might be.’

Global warming five million years ago could have led to Antarctic ice sheets melting and sea levels rising by 60ft | Mail Online

19 Feb 1952

Melting Ice May Swamp Seaports

CLEVELAND. February 18.— Dr. William S. Carlson, an Arctic expert, said last night that polar ice caps were melting at an astonishing and unexplained rate, and threatening to swamp seaports by raising ocean levels.

19 Feb 1952 – Melting Ice May Swamp Seaports

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2 Responses to Recycled Global Warming Scare Stories From 60 Years Ago

  1. geologyJim says:

    Well, there you go.

    If it happened several million years ago, and more than once, then I guess pathetic little Homo sapiens ain’t got a damn thing to do with it.

    End of story.

    Go worry about something truly dangerous like overbearing government, stifling regulation, desecration of the Constitution, fraud and dishonesty among government agencies, rise of radical Islam (with support and encouragement of the Barack Hussein Obama administration), fomenting racial tension in the nation, reduction in affordable power, etc., etc.

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