The Doctor Is In!

ScreenHunter_106 Jul. 21 12.10

Free therapy for Cher!

ScreenHunter_104 Jul. 21 12.07

ScreenHunter_105 Jul. 21 12.07

Twitter / cher: Insides r churning,I’m so upset …

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11 Responses to The Doctor Is In!

  1. USAF Vet says:

    What an ignorant ass….

  2. Looks like your tweets are gone…

  3. kbray in california says:

    Martha sings about a Heatwave:

    She thinks it might be the Devil…

  4. Billy Liar says:

    She obviously feels guilty that the little people don’t have AC and she’s got hers turned down to 68F.

  5. RCM says:

    Still having a great cool summer here in Dallas…..low 90’s today. I suppose that’s hot to a lot of people but for July in Dallas, it’s nice, rewl nice. Evenings in the mid 70’s……yeah! I think we have had only a few days that hit 100. Very unusual

  6. kbray in california says:

    Here is another explanation of “Heatwave” by Wiley:

    His interview makes it perfectly clear…
    but you might need google translate for this one…

  7. suyts says:

    LOL!!! Cher is one of my favorite illiterates!!!

  8. kbray in california says:
  9. shazaam says:

    Cher, like so many other gullible types seems to believe the “Weather Channel” propaganda.

    I have to laugh when their alarmist headlines pop-up on the site. “Millions Suffering in a Massive Heatwave” (Hmmm wonder why Cher worded it the same way?)

    Still, I think it’s a good thing. A couple weeks ago, the “Derencho” that wasn’t was a great reason to ridicule the scaredy cats who huddled in their basements while the cold front glided through. They though a Derencho was a new global warming phenomena, one they understood it was just another name for a cold front with a line of thunderstorms (a common summertime event), they felt pretty foolish.

    The Weather Channel is providing a valuable education service with all their alarmist headlines in bright red. People are being conditioned to no longer react to the alarmist drivel because the reality they experience is pretty much normal weather in spite of the alarmist spin. Alarmisim fatigue is setting in. And I think that’s great, soon everyone will be laughing at their alarmist headlines because the reality is pure normality.

  10. oeman50 says:

    Come on, what planet do you live on? Who expects it to be hot in the continental US in July?

    Obviously, Cher doesn’t.

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