What The Rowers Can Expect Next Week


If the Navy forecasts are correct, in about six days the rowers will have gigantic three metre thick chunks of ice barreling at them driven by 55 MPH winds.

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17 Responses to What The Rowers Can Expect Next Week

  1. shazaam says:

    Should that forecast have any resemblance to what actually happens next week, you know it will all be blamed on glow-ball warming.

  2. kuhnkat says:

    An ICE TORCH blunting the BLOWTORCH???


  3. kuhnkat says:

    Doesn’t look too good for the Catamaran crew either.

  4. Chewer says:

    They are beat and remain delusional, but true to color, still hyping the theme:

    For me, an expedition like this really does illustrate how insignificant I am in the grand scheme of things. I find these sort of trips very humbling as they always expose one’s natural vulnerability to the elements. Yesterday while struggling to push the boat through the water and then later trying to row her into stiff headwinds, my thoughts shifted to my own energy levels and the concept of renewable energy in general.
    We have two 12V batteries on board our boat and these are recharged via solar panels on the roofs of both cabins. This is our only source of power on this trip and so far it has worked very well to power our navigational equipment, water maker, laptop and satellite phones.
    I’m not an expert on renewable energy (and will never claim to be) but experiencing the raw power of Mother Nature over the past two weeks, I do wonder why we don’t harness renewable energy sources more than we do. Surely there’s a bigger place at our energy table for renewables. Our strategic corporate partner for this expedition is Mainstream Renewable Power, a company that builds wind and solar farms all over the world. The reason they chose their name is because they want to make renewable energy Mainstream.
    I’m not just mentioning this to promote Mainstream as a company, I just think it makes sense to use natural resources as much as possible for our power needs. Given the nature of this expedition, my eyes have been opened up significantly over the past 18 months to how rapidly our climate is changing. Regardless of peoples’ opinions on this topic, hopefully our trip helps to promote more discussion on this very important issue, that not only affects all of us, but will impact future generations probably even more. Please do have a look at our climate change petition and add your signature to it. Also feel free to circulate it to any friends and family who you think would be interested.
    I’ve just come off my last session on the oars so time to get some sleep and try to recharge my own batteries before my next shift in three hours…….
    – Paul

  5. Mike D says:

    Gaia is fighting back.

  6. Traitor In Chief says:

    Maybe they can mount a big ice flo and ride the brawndo bronco?

  7. RobertInAz says:

    8 NM in 25+ hours. Hugging the shore. Actual distance is much longer with their shore hugging approach.

  8. nigelf says:

    I’m not just mentioning this to promote Mainstream as a company, I just think it makes sense to use natural resources as much as possible for our power needs.

    Hydro, coal, nuclear, these are all natural resources. Maybe he meant to word it differently.

    • miked1947 says:

      He does not know the difference! Neither does Mainstream! Wind and solar are some of the most unnatural energy sources, they way they are harvested.

      • Sleepalot says:

        If they wanted to promote wind-power, they should’ve sailed (or used a windmill to drive some paddle-wheels): if they wanted to promote
        solar, they should’ve (electric) motored. By rowing, they’re promoting human muscle-power (as exemplified by slavery).

        • miked1947 says:

          Very little of their time has been spent “Rowing”! It seems most of their time has been spent “Pulling and Pushing”, also promoting Slavery!

  9. Billy Liar says:

    Looks like they are going to hide out in Liverpool Bay. I really think they are frightened to leave the coast. They will never get anywhere if they follow the coast – too much additional mileage at their very slow speed. The slower you go the bigger the part played by tides and currents and the wind. The surface of the sea moves downwind at about one tenth the speed of the wind.

  10. Andy DC says:

    I hope they don’t claim that storm will destroy all the ice like what they said happened last year.

  11. Stephen Richards says:


    This should give them something to bleet about.

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