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Gore Effect In The Arctic

When they were trying to go northeast, the wind was blowing relentlessly out of the northeast. As soon as the rowers started heading south, the wind shifted to out of the south.

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Obama Plan To Bring Sharia Law To Your Neighborhood

(CNSNews.com) – To ensure that “every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of,” HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently … Continue reading

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Obama To Take Charge Of The Economy

Obama is very unhappy with whoever was in control of the economy for the last five years, and is now taking charge. “This Wednesday, almost five years after the financial crisis fueled a devastating recession, and two years after a … Continue reading

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Packing Fudge To Save The Planet

The Gay-Rights Playbook: How to Fight Climate Change Now – The Daily Beast

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Understanding The Relationship Between Global Warming And Extreme Weather

Global warming theory requires that the mid-troposphere warms the fastest, but CO2 has changed tack. It now drives climate change rather than global warming – which is caused by missing heat that sank to the bottom of the ocean undetected. The … Continue reading

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Met Office About To Hit The Global Warming “Resume” Button

Global warming ‘on pause’ but set to resume Global warming has been on “pause” for 15 years but will speed up again and is still a real threat, Met Office scientists have warned. Global warming ‘on pause’ but set to … Continue reading

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NYU Professor Says That Air Conditioning Makes It Hot

Eric Klinenberg, professor of sociology at New York University wrote an opinion piece in Time magazine recently, pointing out that global energy consumption is soaring. The expectation of air conditioning convenience is spreading to countries where American culture carries influence. For … Continue reading

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Weekend Carnage In Obama’s Home Town

While Obama was busy this weekend organizing the Zimmerman lynch mob, seven people were murdered in Chicago. Maurice Gibson Carlos Barron Wiliam Brown Eugene Clark Marcus Holden Donald Lewis Jose Ibarra 2013all

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Another Fake Obama Crisis

Florida murder rates are plummeting, and are one-third of what they were in 1981. Florida Crime Rates 1960 – 2011

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Disaster Looms For Arctic Alarmists

They told us that the ice is almost all gone, and that what was remaining was thin and fragile and would quickly disappear. As always, they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. COI | Centre for Ocean … Continue reading

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