The Holy Year Of 2012

Four of the last five years have had below normal January-July US temperatures (before data tampering) but we must only speak about the holy year of 2012.

ScreenHunter_131 Jul. 22 13.44

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1 Response to The Holy Year Of 2012

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    OT, my jonova comment: China’s increase in emissions has been 25 times greater than the reduction by the EU’s core nations.

    This shows that our CO2 reductions have been little more than token. Symbolic reductions that are nevertheless having a huge negative impact. Europe’s lavish spending on green subsidies is driving them virtually into bankruptcy, dramatically increasing the cost and security of their energy supplies, and not to mention blighting the landscape with wind turbines. All the while the increase in emissions from China alone is 25 times the pittance of the EU reduction.

    They’ll ransack if not destroy our own economies, for absolutely no purpose but symbolism. Utter unfettered insanity. One of these days we may find ourselves in a conflict where China is the enemy. Then the self-loathing western Chicken Littles are going to look mighty silly.

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