Understanding The Relationship Between Global Warming And Extreme Weather

Global warming theory requires that the mid-troposphere warms the fastest, but CO2 has changed tack. It now drives climate change rather than global warming – which is caused by missing heat that sank to the bottom of the ocean undetected.

The missing heat at the bottom of the ocean is a particularly mysterious substance, because it transacts directly with the atmosphere through the ethers to cause extreme weather at the surface.

In Dr. Trenberth’s next lesson, he will explain how we convert lead to gold, and how we identify witches.

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9 Responses to Understanding The Relationship Between Global Warming And Extreme Weather

  1. Latitude says:

    I would guess that decreasing temperatures would make the climate more unstable…
    …don’t know why…..just if I had to pick between increasing and decreasing….decreasing has a better “feel” to it

  2. Gamecock says:

    You are so passé, Goddard. Sen. Whitehouse says it’s all about the oceans now.

  3. shazaam says:

    Oh come on. The exact procedure for identifying witches / “warming deniers” was set in the Medieval Warming Period.

    Wrap the witch / denier in chains and toss ’em in a river. If they drown, they were innocent, if they float, they are confirmed witches / warming deniers.

    Simple as that.

    Now for the conversion of Lead into Gold lecture, I am interested in that one.

  4. Mike Mellor says:

    “The ethers,” LOL. It’s Phlogiston, pal! How ignorant can you deniers get?

    And oh @shazaam, you can convert lead into the nearest thing to gold by inserting it into the body of a taliban militiaman.

  5. RMB says:

    Try heating water through its surface. You will find that you cannot. Trenberth is horribly mistaken. Heat can not be transferred through the surface of water due to the existence of surface tension.Water can be radiated by the sun’s rays but physical heat cannot penetrate the surface tension. Thats why Trenberth’s heat is “missing” and thats why the models are wrong.
    Surface tension is strong enough to support the weight of a paper clip and so heat cannot penetrate it. My opinion is that we do not know nearly enough about surface tension but we have seriously underestimated it as a force. A warm day does not mean a warmer ocean. When it comes to “saving the planet” the ocean is so far ahead of us, we can’t hear the band playing.

  6. Jason Calley says:

    I see now why you sceptics are so confused! The global climate models predict warming in the upper troposphere. But then the heat shows up in the deep ocean. Don’t you get it?! The troposphere has flipped! It still starts at the surface, but is now hanging upside down and sticking into the ocean!

    Sheeese! I gotta explain everything. It’s just simple high school physics!

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