White House Huddle Time

Now that Zimmerman is a hero, last week’s strategy of trying to get someone to kill Zimmerman is not looking so good for Obama,

Perhaps Obama should invite him to the White House, like he did with the Cambridge policeman after that race baiting incident collapsed. Obama should consult with his pollsters and find out what is the most moral and decent approach for the next week.


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8 Responses to White House Huddle Time

  1. Eric Barnes says:

    If there is a god, he is capable of a delicious sense of humor.

  2. miked1947 says:

    NAH! He will find something to blow out of proportion and make a bigger fool out of himself.
    I am anxious for his next attempt at stand up comedy with his speech Wednesday about “Fixing” the economy!

  3. kbray in california says:


    Judging from his “angel” track record, I expect Trayvon Martin would have helped himself to a couple of wallets and some more jewelry.

  4. Scarface says:

    He could rename the White House to Green House! Goes along well with Green energy, Green loans and Green jobs too.

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