Good Hispanics Vs. Bad Hispanics

According to the White House, Zimmerman is a bad Hispanic because he was trying to keep his neighborhood safe, and obeyed the law.

But these guys are good Hispanics, because they are illegal immigrants and future Democratic voters.

On Wednesday, police in Austin arrested two Mexican nationals who reportedly participated in the gang-rape of a 13-year-old girl on June 29.

The girl, a runaway, who lives at the Settlement Home for Children, was picked up by three Latino men and driven to the Avalon Arms apartments, where she was raped by a large group of men for several hours, according to police.

As many as 13 men took turns sexually assaulting the girl. Many cheered and filmed the sickening crime on their cell phones, according to court documents.

13-year-old girl raped by more than a dozen illegal aliens in Texas – National Immigration Reform |


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10 Responses to Good Hispanics Vs. Bad Hispanics

  1. R. Shearer says:

    If an Obama daughter had been raped by a dozen illegal immigrants, it might look like that.

  2. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Since Elizabeth Warren is a self designated Cherokee, can’t Zimmerman be a self designated good Hispanic?

  3. kbray in california says:

    Under the new Amnesty Proposal, an illegal alien can manufacture up to two counterfeit passports and still be eligible for US citizenship. Penalty waived. There must be a clause in there that also forgives a certain number of rapes… probably 10 or less.
    Good Hispanics should always be rewarded.

    • Eric Barnes says:

      At some point it will make sense for all Americans to renounce their citizenship, cross the border and back and claim illegal immigrant status.

    • kbray in california says:

      I heard that this monster bill was written by lawyers from La Raza and MeCHa.

      It’s another one of those huge legislation deals where “We’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it”. Don’t let the Congress shove this crap down our throats, it’s an anathema. Call or write your representative to crush this piece of shit. Thanks.

    • gator69 says:

      How many fake birth certificates are they allowed. 😉

  4. Jason Calley says:

    For years the Feds have been putting up signs saying things like “If you see something suspicious, say something!”

    I guess now they put up signs that say “If you see something suspicious, DON’T say anything! Don’t be a Zimmerman!”

  5. I think Steve is failing to appreciate that the US has an affirmative action justice system.

  6. Take that dirty bastard thru the [snip impeachment process]

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