They Can’t Even Fight Against A Breeze, Much Less Climate Change

Always amazing to see the disconnect between lefties and reality.

Leaving family to pursue this expedition

I decided to undertake this expedition because by doing it myself and my teammates can make a strong statement in the battle against climate change

Leaving family to pursue this expedition – MainStream Last First

For the past couple of weeks they have been complaining that they can’t row against a localized wind. But they think they can change the climate.

Odyessus spent decades lost on his boat because of his arrogance, and the gods didn’t let him return to his family until he acknowledged that he was not in control.


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25 Responses to They Can’t Even Fight Against A Breeze, Much Less Climate Change

  1. DGP says:

    When are we finally going to recognize Planet Savior Delusion Disorder (PSDD) as a dangerous mental illness?

  2. omnologos says:

    are they hoping to heroically die?

  3. Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

    “Doing it is very important to me. It’s far easier for me to explain this to my girls, that I acted on my passions, than to lament to them that I didn’t act on my passions because of them.”

    in a few years from now his daughters will be asking him “Daddy, how could you have been so gullible, how could you fall for that global warming scam?”

    “are you still scientifically and mathematically illiterate”

    • Jimmy Haigh says:

      Hopefully Daddy will arrive home safely to tell the tale…

      • Jason Calley says:

        While I cannot find it within me to wish them any harm, it is important to remember that what they are supporting is a deadly belief system that has already led to uncounted deaths. How many people in poor countries have starved because legislated production of ethanol has raised the cost of grain? How many villagers have been violently forced from their land so that big corporations can create palm oil plantations for biofuels? How many locations have seen local wild life slaughtered by bird and bat choppers? How many individuals have seen their savings and investments disappear when governments mandated that their future home sites were in danger of rising sea levels?

        Make no mistake, the CAGW delusion is more than a crank cult. It is a deadly belief that seeks to impose ever tightening restriction of millions or billions of people around the world.

        Yes, good luck to the rowers on their safe return — but unless they change the beliefs which they espouse, they will share responsibility for the death and impoverishment of millions.

  4. Gamecock says:

    Looking at their route . . .

    . . . I see it is smoothed, bouncing from point to point. They are in fact hugging the land, adding immensely to the total distance.

    I figured out where Reggie is. He has taken his whip to the Great White North, to try to get more output from his rowers.

    • miked1947 says:

      They have “Hugged” the shore so they can Pull and Push while wading through mud and muck. They are definitely “Pulling against Climate Change” rather than rowing through the Northwest Passage. They will enter the Northwest Passage once they round the next point. According to Google Map.

    • shazaam says:

      Is T.O.O.L. beating the drum while Reggie whips the rowers to greater efforts?

      Every galley has both drummer and whipmeister in the movies I’ve seen.

      Doom – Crack! – Boom – Snap! – [ rinse & repeat ]

      • miked1947 says:

        TOO ran away! I think it was something we said! 😉

      • Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

        Roman Slave Galley, circa 300BC

        Good morning slaves, I have news for you.

        This afternoon, the Captain has decided to give you time off, he’ll bring in lots of food and wine and a bunch of nubile, young, long legged, big busted, oiled up slave girls to satisfy all your carnal pleasures.

        But first, this morning, the Captain wants to go water skiing.

        Reggie is not invited.

      • Jimmy Haigh says:

        You could let TOO and Reggie back now. But I doubt they would show their face.

        • Glacierman says:

          Don’t be so sure. Climate Chatterbots are really only good at one thing: Spewing endless nonsense.

        • shazaam says:

          They would spew a lot of nonsense despite being mocked for being such fools and tools.

          They could be dedicated kool-aide drinkers. Yet their persistence makes you wonder if they are paid trolls following procedures.

        • Eric Barnes says:

          So much money is spent by the federal government on AGW bs, that it makes sense that people protect their gravy train using any and all available means. Slashdot used to be awful for that, but it has gotten a touch better lately (there are still oodles of alarmists there though).

  5. miked1947 says:

    The site keeps deleting negative comments. I think they only want positive comments. That is why I was positive that they will fail. However I was also positive they will allow people to see natural climate change at work.

    • Traitor In Chief says:


    • kbray in california says:

      Egging them on to continue is a negative comment in my view.
      It’s like pushing them to the edge of a black hole,
      and they may get in so deep they can’t get back out.
      I see a recipe for tragedy.
      They can’t control that “boat” properly.
      Time to change the equipment.
      Try again.

  6. Traitor In Chief says:

    Hard to imagine Reggie/TOO as anything more than blithering idiots, but that is what makes up the climate cabal. If Reggie has any part in managing this “expedition” the draggers are in great danger.

  7. Crashex says:

    Today as the sun sets on the adventurers the center of the visible disc will reach the ideal horizon. In a couple more days the entire sun will begin to drop out of sight. Thereafter, more and more time will be spent in twilight illumination without the benefit of solar insolation.

    They have used a sixth of their time to travel a tenth of the required distance. If they don’t double their current average pace, the sun is setting on their goals as well.

  8. Men also leave their families for golfing weekends.

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