Bush Assigned Military Combat Brigades For Use In The US

Read my lips – no new Bushes.

November 02, 2008

In the next three years the military plans to activate and train an estimated 4,700 service members for specialized domestic operations, according to Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, commander of U.S. Northern Command, which was created in 2002 for homeland defense missions.

“This isn’t a military police brigade or a civil affairs brigade. This is actually a combat brigade being assigned a domestic mission,” said Mike German, national security counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union’s legislative office in Washington., D.C.

The ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act Request last week with the Department of Justice and the Pentagon asking for records relating to the assignment of domestic forces to the Northern Command.

“One of our founding touchstones of democracy is that the military is not to be used against the American people. Over a hundred years ago that sentiment was put into law in the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibited the military from being involved in law enforcement functions,” German said. “Our hope is to find as much information as we can to challenge whether this is appropriate or not and to create some public awareness about what’s going on”

Now the commander of Northern Command claims that at least two more military units will be stationed inside the county in the next two years, contributing to an estimated total of 4,700 specially trained service members.

Elite combat brigade for homeland security missions raises ire of ACLU | The Colorado Independent


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9 Responses to Bush Assigned Military Combat Brigades For Use In The US

  1. jay352 says:

    I want to gag every time someone mentions running a new Bush. Haven’t they done enough?

  2. John Silver says:

    ” German said. “
    Explains it.

  3. Mike says:

    6th Armored Cavalry Regiment stationed at Fort Meade had that mission most of latter part of 20th century. there was a day in the spring of ’67 when they deployed to Washington DC. I remember the M60 machine Gun nests around the streets leading to the White House. DC was burning. The police had given up.

  4. Robertv says:

    Without the Bush family and ‘I did not have sex with that woman’ His Highness Obamba would not have been possible. They paved the road.

  5. watcher says:

    Mari Gras 2001 pill boxes in N.O. full gear troops in streets.
    Americas STASI. Welcome to the new slave state The believers in all that “was” America work. While the others live off their labor like leaches. Like all adventures into Socialism it to will fail. But at what cost.

  6. I. Lou Minotti says:

    “On Sept. 26, President Bush urged Congress to consider revising federal laws so that the U.S. Military could seize control immediately in the aftermath of a natural disaster, noting that ‘it may require change of law.'” ~Gene Healy, “What of Posse ‘Comitatus,'” (Cato Institute, 10/8/2005)

    That was the beginning of the slippery slope. We now not only have American troops prepared to intervene in a domestic “emergency” (wink, wink), but also foreign troops operating under the United Nations banner. How kindhearted of our Leaders to relieve the local, Constitutional police forces of America from having to arrest their law-abiding citizens, relying instead on peaceable foreign mercenaries to do the dirty work

  7. MikeTheDenier says:

    Army Conducts Nighttime Exercises in Downtown Chicago


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