Temperatures Are Plummeting In The Beaufort Sea

Over the past couple of hours, the rowers have experienced a large drop in temperatures as the storm begins to develop.

ScreenHunter_168 Jul. 24 09.56


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32 Responses to Temperatures Are Plummeting In The Beaufort Sea

  1. @njsnowfan says:

    Link to Loop of the Arctic storm. No way anyone can row with a storm like that spinning.


  2. Now, rowers, try to imagine that the large island to the east is Greenland, it will make it seem like you are making much better progress. In fact, you can probably just claim you made it to Greenland now. No one in climate science is going to check.

  3. slimething says:

    Hmm. CCW motion storm. That would seem to keep the ice in.

  4. pinroot says:

    Ultimately, they’ll blame their failure on Climate Change, as in “The climate changed from the way it was last year and we couldn’t row through all the cold and ice.”

  5. @njsnowfan says:

    Greenland has been nice and warm this summer at the summit. Must be Climate Change

    The past month temps, I guess the missing temp data is when they were on vacation.

  6. stewart pid says:

    The twits …. opps I mean adventurers just updated their position and appear to be east of the spit of land they had been west of.

    • kbray in california says:

      Now they have a favorable tail wind on the poop deck to blow them right into the frozen passages ahead. “Hope that works for you.”

      • I’d really like to know how they got there. They would have had to row quite a ways into the wind yesterday when they conveniently had the GPS turned off.

        • Latitude says:

          They slipped through that cut….their GSP map and Google does not show it…Bing maps does

        • They had to go 30km into the wind before they got to the opening

        • kbray in california says:

          This morning’s post said:
          “After a few tenuous minutes were(sic) whisked into calmer waters and anchor until the wind subsides. We’re happy the Arctic Joule is exactly the way she is.”

          That says to me that they found a quiet inlet that was protected and took a rest.
          Maybe they took a land hike to the other side and hit the send button at the opposite beach (by mistake). Some of this isn’t adding up very well. The story doesn’t match the tracking.

        • shazaam says:

          The last day must have been a real drag…


          That’s how they’ve made their best progress so far. Draggin’ ass or rather boat.

        • kbray in california says:

          A couple of mules worked very well for moving tons of goods on large barges on the old Erie Canal:

          This must be very effective for them,
          but it’s cheating to claim that they are rowing the whole trip.

        • kbray in california says:

          A Polar Bear ate their GPS Tracker and burped.
          One ping only.

        • kbray in california says:

          A Polar Bear ate their GPS Tracker and burped.
          His First and Last ping.

        • kbray in california says:

          The next GPS Ping will come from Pond Inlet.
          Give them a couple days and a good tail wind.

        • Richard Lynch says:

          Well, they can’t have dragged it across. They could have dragged it up the coast, and maybe that’s what they did. But the terrain is too rough to drag it across land, and there’s a river to cross.

        • kuhnkat says:

          Flipper is towing them…

  7. Edmonton Al says:

    I cannot get the trip tracker map to load, on the Maintream site.
    It did the other day, but I have had no luck since.
    When I e-mailed them they said it was my service provider, or my fault for other reasons.
    Can some one clue me in???
    I thot the info was recorded at home and updated from the team via sat-phone[or whaterver]
    Which, to me, seems like the map shud b readily available. No??
    Any info greatly appreciated.

    • Richard Lynch says:

      The map works for me. Sometimes the rowers shut down the tracker to save power for other things. Sometimes they don’t have a satellite connection. But the site works fine for me, so it must be something on your end.

    • Bob Koss says:

      I can’t load it into my Opera browser, but Firefox works for me.

    • Mike D says:

      The tracker is from one of their sponsors. http://www.findmespot.com/en/
      They make GPS devices where you can show your friends your location or also text message them or send a request for emergency services. I looked into buying one of these a few years ago, but there’s a monthly fee for service.

      From the online product info, the devices themselves seem to not be able to do a continual upload of the location for more than 24 hours. They’ll report every 10 minutes for 24 hours, then you have to hit a button or whatever to tell it to start reporting again. Or you can manually report your location.

      Also, the waypoints shown can be selected, which is likely why there’s not a continual stream. It would be way more helpful if it reported every several hours automatically until stopped, but their devices just aren’t made that way.

  8. Richard Lynch says:

    Meanwhile, the two kayakers have almost caught up to them, despite having left days later.

  9. kuhnkat says:

    Their renewables backer’s products must not work very well if they can’t afford the power to keep the GPS and transmitter on.

    • Richard Lynch says:

      They also use it to purify water and run their computers and keep their sat phone charged and keep an eye on the weather.

  10. Richard Lynch says:

    The tracker is up again and they are heading south.

  11. GregO says:

    It was just a few short years ago it was said by Dr Serreze “The Arctic is screaming”.


    Maybe now the Arctic is screaming to these hapless fools “Get lost posers!.

    Much like top level climate scientists, we can only imagine.

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