Washington Post Blames Hurricanes On The Clean Air Act

Emerging research theorizes the decline of polluting sulfur-based particles in the atmosphere, which block sunlight and cool the Earth beneath, have allowed Atlantic hurricane activity to  increase in recent decades.  Could it be our efforts to clean the air have, paradoxically, made it more stormy?

Did the Clean Air Act unleash Atlantic hurricanes?

Does it seem that alarmists are getting exponentially stupider by the day?

During the 1950s the air was filthy, yet from August 1954 through September 1955, five major hurricanes struck the eastern US – Carol, Edna, Hazel, Connie and Ione.

ScreenHunter_437 May. 22 21.08

Gettysburg Times – Google News Archive Search

ScreenHunter_438 May. 22 21.10

The Deseret News – Google News Archive Search

ScreenHunter_439 May. 22 21.11

Spokane Daily Chronicle – Google News Archive Search

ScreenHunter_440 May. 22 21.13

Lakeland Ledger – Google News Archive Search

ScreenHunter_441 May. 22 21.15

The Telegraph – Google News Archive Search


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5 Responses to Washington Post Blames Hurricanes On The Clean Air Act

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    The Hurricane Tracking folks give every puff of wind an alphabet name these days. To these simpletons, more letters means more storms.

    The concept of ACE telling them what is really happening is a foreign concept.

  2. jack says:

    This is an easy call. Nixon created the EPA, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and some Save the Wildlife or other Act. It’s the f’n Republicans. Soon G W Bush is going to hear it about the 5 million lives he saved from malaria and AIDs. That’s a lot of co2 we could have saved yank now.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Dunstone et al and Jason Samenow( the journo who wrote that trash) need to be placed under a 5150 restraining order and committed for the next few months. They are scaring people and demonstrating their insanity. It could be permanent. The question is: have they also been shopping in Bloomingdales? If so, QED, they are nuts.

  4. Fran Gershwing says:

    “Does it seem that alarmists are getting exponentially stupider by the day?”
    The problem with the MSM and the alarmists is that they don’t read your posts in this blog Steve… but if they did,… well I guess they’d still say stupid things.
    Is the best they cand do, it seems.

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