Endless State Of Fearmongering

If you don’t give up your money and cheap readily available energy, the climate will come and kill you.

If you don’t give up your rights, terrorists will come kill you.

If you don’t give up your ability to defend your family, someone will come kill you.

If we don’t borrow an extra trillion dollars, the economy will collapse.

If you drink a large soft drink, you will die.

If we don’t get Snowden, evil people will attack the country.

If we don’t convict Zimmerman of something, the KKK will take over.

If we don’t give a trillion dollars to the banks, the economy will collapse.

Thank goodness we have dear leader to protect us from all this imaginary evil.

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20 Responses to Endless State Of Fearmongering

  1. Billy NZ says:

    Hi Steve,I visit here several times daily.Love it.Our news in NZ has a video of a guy
    chiefkessler.com have you any comment?He loooooooooves his guns

  2. Chewer says:

    And apparently the GOP members are trying to outdo the DNC members with irrational behavior and senselessness.
    When group thought ego’s drive the entire national agenda, it is time for a change…
    Our dear president has some belief that if he talks enough about his care for the middle class, all other scandals will disappear. The GOP on the other hand have no clear message or concern in how to stop our Constitution from turning into ass wipe paper!
    Both sides of the isle smell and look like shit, just with different scents and looks…

    • raindog says:

      We have to realize that most of the people in the house and the senate were there when we began the wars in Iraq/afghanistan, were the same people that supported the removal of freedom in exchange for safety, and in fact Republicans like McCain were around for all the Clinton military actions and didn’t do anything to stop unjust wars then and did nothing to stop the erosions of our freedoms under Clinton or Bush Jr and will continue to do nothing under Obama… Except maybe support the further erosions of liberty

      • Chewer says:

        Yep, the GOP lite (go-along to get along crew) have hosed us heavily and at some point a big portion of the population will tell them to STFU and get the hell out!

  3. Robertv says:

    Real things that kill.

    Going to fast on the wrong place

    Train CRASH Slow Cam Santiago Spain yesterday.

    78 killed

    • Mike Mellor says:

      @Robertv take a deep breath and calm down. Think carefully. There must be some way we can blame this on global warming.

    • Robertv says:

      The driver (there were 2 drivers) admitted immediately after the crash that he took the bend at 190 miles per hour when the speed limit is 80 miles per hour.The driver in charge of the train had more than a year of experience on this line and 30 years in the company.It is a sharp turn after a very long straight right after you come out of a tunnel.

      The typical turn marked with red in the operating instructions with the word, DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER all over the place.

  4. MikeTheDenier says:

    Oh my!!! All of that melting SEA ICE is going to drown us all!!!

    Arctic is ‘economic time bomb likely to cost world $60 trillion’…

    The rapidly melting Arctic is an “economic time bomb” likely to cost the world at least $60 trillion, say researchers who have started to calculate the financial consequences of one of the world’s fastest changing climates.


  5. Mike Mellor says:

    FOBO (Friends Of Barack Obama) says: Do you have any irrational fears, or Fobias? You do? Great! Send them along to us and we’ll help you blow them up into a global crisis! “Giving you the edge by keeping you on edge since 2008.”

  6. bobmaginnis says:

    Steve wrote sarcastically: “If you don’t give up your rights, terrorists will come kill you.” We liberal progressive AGW enviros also agree that the DHA NSA TSA are a greater danger than ‘terrorists,’ but the Neocon Zionists control the mass media, don’t blame Obama and us enviros for that.

    • Typical progressive – blaming the Jews since 1937.

      • bobmaginnis says:


        Don’t blame us progressives for your ““If you don’t give up your rights, terrorists will come kill you.” Apparently you are OK with DHS TSA and NSA snooping? Do you know that the ‘terorrists’ don’t hate us for what we are, but for what we do to them? Why do you think WTC 9/11 happened?

        • Do you actually read my blog, or just come here to make comments?

        • Big M says:

          If you actually believe the bullshit “official” 9/11 conspiracy theory after all this time, you don’t have the fucking brains that God gave a doorknob, “progressive” or not.

  7. bobmaginnis says:

    I’ve been reading your blog from time to time, but your latest was linked by the anti AGW blog:
    I suggest your readers can decide what stories to read at that blog.

  8. Hamood Abood says:

    Snowden scandle gave Puttinn a laverage to blackmail Obama & Cameron to backout in Syria. The man knows too much, enough to fire both leaders!!

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