Arctic Alarmist Hell Week Continues

Imagine the pain of Wadhams, Maslowski, the Sierra Club and the death spiral guy.

ScreenHunter_212 Jul. 26 05.53

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

The wailing and gnashing of teeth deepens.

ScreenHunter_135 Jul. 22 21.22

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11 Responses to Arctic Alarmist Hell Week Continues

  1. Wizzum says:

    On this day in 2009, the 105m long 10m draft Viking Vision was making it’s way towards the Canadian Beaufort having rounded Point Barrow the day before. The Vision would eventually complete the highest latitude 3D seismic survey ever conducted (71 N) with all gear deployed the Vision was effectively 8km long and about 1km wide. The vision would certainly have a harder time of it this year.
    The photo of the helicopter landing was one of the last that summer in the Canadian Beaufort.

  2. DarrylB says:

    Question—-What is the mean date for when arctic sea ice reaches it minimum?

  3. Now you just need a little Homer/Hansen with his axe, hacking frantically at the 2013 line…

  4. Something’s wrong here – compare the two plots: the “new” ( and the “old” (

    The “old” showed 2013 hitting a peak of about 11 mill km2, while the “new” shows that 2013 hit a peak of about 15 mill km2.

    And the amazing 2012 year went from a min of about 2.5 to a new min of 4. So the new chart caused the 2012 minimum to GAIN about 1.5 mill km2. How many Manhattans is that?

    Maybe Steve can do a flash to show the difference.

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