Climate Alarmists Doesn’t Trust Danish People

ScreenHunter_225 Jul. 26 13.49ScreenHunter_220 Jul. 26 12.03

Allison is tweeting about the North Pole, and doesn’t understand this graph or trust Danes.

ScreenHunter_221 Jul. 26 12.05

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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42 Responses to Climate Alarmists Doesn’t Trust Danish People

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    Priceless. The scientifically-illiterate lemmings are clueless. At least she’s honest.
    Humor her and give her the submarine picture from 1962, and explain what the green, red, and blue lines are. Don’t even bother trying to explain ocean currents as she may be unaware that ice can melt from the bottom.

  2. DGP says:

    I love it when lefties declare their own ignorance as if it was evidence that proved their point.

  3. DarrylB says:

    The fact that anyone does not take a moment to familiarize her or himself with a relatively simple graph before tweeting is testimony to a fundamental problem.
    However, if the graph did not have as its source the DMI, well that I could understand; however, not to understand the into in it suggests that maybe one should step back and reflect a little.
    I,(In Minnesota) have many times walked on water (a thin layer on top of the ice) in the dead of winter.

  4. DarrylB says:

    ah, that should say —- the INFO in it suggests —

  5. rw says:

    This is a nice demonstration of how these people are increasingly prone to waltz off into never-never land. She wants to believe the Arctic is all melting away, so of course that’s just what it’s doing.

    I wonder if at some point, she will decide that there’s no ice in the arctic at all anymore. Whatever anyone else says to the contrary. Like some of the sad creatures who are still probably going around trying to spread tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

  6. BobW in NC says:

    “Um…I don’t know what this graph means…”

    I. Am. Speechless. Are you kidding me? If people are that scientifically illiterate, we are in deep, deep trouble. Yet, as John B., M.D. says, at least she was honest about it.

    Allison Foster’s problem is that our educational system has become so bad (apparently), that she was not trained to think critically, to assess, to reason, to question. I can only imagine that she, along with many others, was just spoon fed generalities and made to accept assertions as truth without questioning them.


  7. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on CACA.

  8. Billy Liar says:

    Unfortunately, dense Allison, who has revealed her ignorance for the world to see, has not been well served by the Huffington Post. Although they mention in the text that the ‘small lake’ is a shallow melt pond on the surface of the ice, they omitted to tell anyone that, although the webcam was set up at the North Pole, it has now drifted some 300 miles towards the Fram Strait (where’s that Allison?) and is in fact a long, long way from the pole.

  9. rw says:

    One of you photoshop experts should do a superimposition of the Wicked Witch of the West melting at the North Pole. Just to get into the spirit of things.

  10. Ed Caryl says:

    I dare say that most people have no idea how to read a graph. I know from 40 years experience attempting to teach people how to read an oscilloscope screen.

  11. John B., M.D. says:

    Hmmm. Her picture background reminds me of the Hubble Deep Field. I wonder if Allison knows what a Doppler shift is.

    • BC says:

      She’d probably take a wild stab at it and say that it’s the little thingie that she moves back and forth to make her Prius go backwards and forwards. 😀

  12. phodges says:

    Remember a week or so back, Watts posted up green spokesperson who rejected Hadcrut because it was not peer reviewed?

    Most folks are just plain illiterate, never mind scientific literacy.

  13. DarrylB says:

    Here is a little challenge I gave students in chem or physics, and asked them to ask their parents and grandparents. To many grandparents the answer was obvious while parents most often came up with ornate but very wrong answers.

    Two observations: 1) ice floats in water 2) If you put a bottle of soda (pop if you are from Minnesota) in the freezer and forget about it, the soda may burst open the glass bottle that contains the soda.

    So, from these two observations, and only from these two observations answer this question.
    How come northern lakes never get more than about two feet of ice in the winter?
    That is, even though the temp remains below the freezing temp of water, the ice does not continue to get thicker.
    ——This fact is a factor in sea ice. —–

    • John B., M.D. says:

      The pressure exerted by the weight of the ice prevents the ice from expanding (necessary when freezes). Water is most dense at 4 deg C.

    • Walter Royal says:

      Ice floats, the lake beds are above freezing, and heat rises. Ice is an insulator and keeps the water from losing heat faster than it is replaced from below creating a balanced heat exchange keeping the ice at a limited thickness relative to the weather conditions above the ice. If ice was denser than water it would sink and water would be a solid and life on earth could not exist in its present form. How was that?

    • Andy Oz says:

      Ice floats. Ice insulates water from the sub zero air. Cold water underneath the ice, being slightly denser, sinks slowly and is replaced by warmer water below. Also any air or gases released from the lake bed or water is trapped under the ice and can act as additional insulation from the sub zero air. (Howzat?)

      • DarrylB says:

        Sorry, Walter and Andy,— you gave the ornate, but wrong answer that almost all parents did.. The observations—Ice floats, which means it is less dense than water, which means it had to expand when if froze. Same with the bottle of soda– expanded when it froze so it broke the bottle. Grandparents would say something like ‘The ice on top is too heavy to lift up any more” Not flowery, but essentially correct.
        John B. is exactly correct.
        Water is very unique among liquids, because of the angular shape of its molecule it expands when it freezes, almost all other liquids contract.
        Now consider this, if water contracted instead of expanded when it froze, the oceans and lakes would freeze from the bottom up due to the pressure, and we would not have live on earth as we know it.
        But Consider something else that John C. mentioned. Water is most dense at about 4 deg C. To change temp from 4 deg C, warmer or cooler it must expand.
        Under great pressure it is going to be most dense at 4 deg C in deep oceans.
        It makes Trenberth’s rather sophisticated, but IMO lacking proposal that heat has been sequestered deep in the ocean for over a decade that much more implausible.

        • Walter Royal says:

          I have seen ice on lakes around me get more than 3′ thick when there is no snow on it. To wit, plowing 1′ of snow off a strip wide enough to drive a loaded truck across a lake that has app. 2′ of ice results in ice reaching a thickness of 3′ in less than a week when temps stay below freezing during the day and drop below 0 at night. A second example that causes me to doubt the weight of the ice theory is that old quarrymen would drill holes in granite several inches deep and fill them with water which then froze and caused the granite to split. That requires a force of at least several thousand psi to accomplish. since ice weighs app 50 lbs/cubic foot I fail to see how it can exert enough force to keep something capable of exerting thousands of lbs of force from expanding. If what you are saying is true I will need a more complete explanation to understand it. Thanks.

      • Andy Oz says:

        Damn! Learn something new every day. PV=nRT.
        Explains Reggie’s Pingos in the arctic.

    • DarrylB says:

      Walter, Yes two feet was an approximation. I have drilled through three feet. However, the same cause applies. Remember that there is permanent ice at the north pole and you may remember a picture of a submarine coming through from below at the pole.
      The ice will get only so thick, but with various pressures and currents it is not an even thickness. Got to go to a wedding, will bet get back with more detail.
      It is excellent that you questioned what I wrote! In the mean time, if you get a chance, check out the word ‘regelation’
      Being you must be from the north, have you ever played hockey or curled? I will relate to that.

      • Walter Royal says:

        I’m off to a party but look forward to learning something new. I await your explanations with bated breath and probably more questions. Thanks 🙂

  14. Abusing liberals again with facts?

  15. Lynn Clark says:

    Allison should add “Proud Moron” to her self-description.

  16. John B., M.D. says:

    Interesting. As of 2 a.m. Central time 7-27-13, Huff Po actually seems to have their facts correct!

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