Incompetence : The New Normal For Climate Scientists

Check out this garbage :

Last year, a particularly powerful cyclone is thought to have wiped out 800,000 square kilometres of ice. That contributed to record low sea-ice levels at the end of the 2012 melt year.

This year’s storm over the Beaufort Sea formed about mid-week and is expected to die out on the weekend.

It isn’t as strong as last year’s, but the ice is thinner and weaker. As well, the ice has already been pummelled by earlier storms.

“The effects of (the storm) are nowhere near what we saw last August,” said Asplin. “But because the ice is thinner and it’s already been pre-conditioned, and because there’s less volume, it’s much more vulnerable to impacts from this sort of thing.”

Summer cyclone chewing up Canada’s Arctic sea ice | CTV News

What a load of crap. The image below shows what the ice looked like right before last year’s storm hit on August 3. Beaufort Sea ice was nearly gone.

ScreenHunter_209 Jul. 26 00.05

Compare with the start of the storm this year – there is a lot more ice this year than last.

ScreenHunter_208 Jul. 26 00.03

But it is worse than it seems. This year the storm is headed three metre thick ice.

ScreenHunter_210 Jul. 26 00.09

Do these people make it up as they go along?

h/t to Anto

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7 Responses to Incompetence : The New Normal For Climate Scientists

  1. omnologos says:

    does it mean the rowers have it ice-free?

  2. miked1947 says:

    They have been making stuff as they go along since this stuff started!

  3. Bob Johnston says:

    “Do they make it up as they go along?”

    Of course, it’s the only way they can keep it going. See “ad hoc hypothesis”

  4. Crashex says:

    Check out Obouy 7. Two days of subzero temps. The melt ponds have frozen over and a fresh coat of highly reflective snow was added over the top surface. Piles of 4-5 meter ice in the distance.

    The water has been covered all summer with a layer of ice, limiting the solar heating. So water temps have got to be lower than recent years.

    All the pieces are in place to have an early end to the melt season this year (at least in the Beaufort).

  5. squid2112 says:

    Do these people make it up as they go along?

    Why yes, yes they do…

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