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Check Out This Twat

This guy gives Piers Morgan a run for the money. The Difference Between Global Warming Skeptics And Normal People Warning : Nausea is an almost certain byproduct of listening to this (possible) human being.

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Coldest Summer On Record In The Arctic Fading Fast

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut The rowers made the mistake of believing the $100 billion climate scamsters, and are now stuck in some nasty cold, windy conditions. Animation using Javascript Animation Player

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The Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth Deepens

It is likely that because of cold winds spreading the ice, there will be little or no reduction in Arctic ice extent over the next week. What a complete disaster for the Arctic alarmist crowd. Death spiral aborted.

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A Race Against Time

The rowers are stuck in a cove west of Cape Parry, with several days of strong northwest winds blocking their exit. The Navy is forecasting that by the middle of next week, multi-year ice will have blown into that region … Continue reading

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Another Skeet Shooting Expedition?

The last time Obama went skeet shooting was on his birthday last year (August 4.) Given that he says he “does skeet shooting all the time” I wonder if he has another big skeet shooting adventure planned for this year?

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Incorrect Diagnosis

My earlier diagnosis of a bad ink cartridge was wrong. It turns out that the printer itself was the problem, and needed repair.

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1972 Global Cooling Flood Killed 238 People In South Dakota

On June 9, 1972 at the peak of the global cooling scare, Rapid City SD received 15 inches of rain in four hours. This produced a massive flash flood which killed 238 people and wrecked thousands of homes. Obama says … Continue reading

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