Obama Shares His Understanding Of Climate

ScreenHunter_239 Jul. 26 22.08

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Actually the ignorance and superstition in the White House is the most extreme on record.

In 2013, more than two-thirds of the US is below normal temperature.

ScreenHunter_240 Jul. 26 22.11

YearTDeptUS.png (688×531)

Forest Fires have been the second quietest on record.

ScreenHunter_241 Jul. 26 22.14

National Interagency Fire Center

Tornadoes have been the quietest on record.

ScreenHunter_224 Jul. 26 13.31

torngraph-big.png (1000×650)

Obama has had the fewest hurricanes of any president

ScreenHunter_19 May. 08 06.04

Chronological List of All Hurricanes

In 1934, almost the entire country was over 100 degrees.


According to the EPA, the worst heatwaves occurred during the 1930s.

Heat waves occurred with high frequency in the 1930s, and these   remain the most severe heat waves in the U.S. historical record


Obama wants to lead an effort against a problem which doesn’t exist and which he couldn’t do anything about it if it did exist. He has no understanding of climate history or science, but believes that he is in charge of nature.

This is normally called psychotic behavior.


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21 Responses to Obama Shares His Understanding Of Climate

  1. Shazaam says:

    Pretty much matches Oh-Blame-Ya’s understanding of the economy.

    Booming economies have 4 common factors:
    1) Easy taxes. i.e. total tax rate 10% or less
    2) minimal regulation. i.e. minimal bureaucratic interference with economic activity.
    3) strict adherence to the rule of law i.e. Laws apply equally to governed and governors.
    4) peace i.e. no drag on economy by making stuff to destroy in war.

    Oh-Blame-Ya is batting 0.00 on this scale and thus would appear to be hopelessly inept at dealing with economic issues.

    His climate record isn’t gonna be any better….

    • Climatism says:

      Good summary.

      Could add 5) Trust and respect ALL their people and do not intentionally divide by race, colour, creed, gender or class.

      Division possibly the worst of all ~ divide the people so they fight against themselves and not against the ruling government. Tactic used by hyper-paranoid governments like Obama admin who think if the people are unified, they will unify against the government and discuss its failings.
      Scourge of left wing modern socialist/left wing politics today, world-wide.

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed {and hence clamorous to be led to safety} by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” (climate change)
      H. L. Mencken

      • Eric Barnes says:

        He is quite simply the worst president the USA has ever had and nobody comes close. Steven G’s pic of Carter thinking to himself “The can’t call me the worst president anymore” is spot on.

  2. Steven,

    Did you really expect Obama and his “scientific advisors” to admit they have been lying to the public?

    Climategate was just the first visible tip of sixty-four years (2009 – 1945 = 64 yrs) of deceit to hide the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation.

    They have no option but to continue to deny past deceit.

    • hunter says:

      Dr. Manuel,
      Please just go away.
      Perhaps you and the climate dragons can tag team each other at some blog site just for you?

    • Eric Barnes says:

      I surely don’t agree with everything you have to say Dr. Manuel, but I appreciate your point of view and tenacity.

  3. gregole says:


    Love your plot of hurricanes vs presidents! Grover and Franklin got some ‘splainin’ to do! There is a good post going on at WUWT on how people became skeptics of CAGW.


    Here’s the last part of my post…

    Couple of things since (I became a skeptic after Climategate 1.0):

    1) I figured the media would be all over it. What a story. Nope. Crickets.
    2) Official whitewashes were conducted covering up the most egregious criminal behavior
    3) US Gvt still thinks it’s a problem, or is pretending to think it is a problem
    4) Windmills and solar are bogus gimmicks – sad really; like Easter Island moas, evidence of a rotting, decaying, degenerate society
    5) Europeans love AGW, windmills and solar
    6) Horizontal drilling and fracking have and continue to revolutionize energy production
    6a) Little publicity of this with Obama and Eurocrats still blathering on about wind and solar
    7) As time goes on and Arctic ice refuses to disappear; temperatures refuse to rise with CO2; earth greens evermore due to added CO2, climate models predict nothing of value – in fact they are so wrong that they aren’t even wrong – just meaningless; one has to ask these questions, “who believes in CAGW; and why do they believe in it when a cursory survey of the facts disproves it?”

    And I have come to the conclusion that it is all political propaganda benefiting a tiny minority of opinion makers. Belief in CAGW is simply a decision some people make as a rational pursuit of their narrow self interest and some do quite well thank you (refer to John Holdren for example), and the lot of them travel the globe, make a ton of money, et al. It is a cottage industry for a certain breed of charlatan.

    MSM pumps it up just like they pump up celebrity gossip tidbits. Nothing is real. Once one educates oneself and looks back, it is like looking back on some sort of mass religious hallucination.

  4. jack b :-) says:

    There hasn’t been a west texas July in which I’ve ever worn a jacket every day for a week – until 2013. And I’ve been around for 55 years now. Note: my dad turns 90 this Sunday, the 28th, and he hadn’t seen the scenario in his entire life either, until now. He lives 150 miles from me…

  5. Andy Oz says:

    The heat, the fires, the tornadoes and hurricanes are all hiding at the bottom of the oceans. Watching. Waiting for the right time to sneak up on us puny humans.

    • hunter says:

      Excellent. point: the AGW faithful believe heat ‘hides’ in deep dark inaccessible hidey holes.

      • Carbonicus says:

        Not sure they really believe this, it’s just that they believe that the deep ocean hide is just about impossible to refute, and this is all they have left as an explanation. They know their explanation won’t be quickly/easily refuted.

        A protracted cooling stretch will make this a moot point.

        Watch and see

  6. Blade says:

    Great takedown of that DingleBarry propaganda!

    This thread is a keeper.

  7. tallbloke says:

    ‘Psycotic’ is so last Millenium. Now it’s ‘Dunning Kruger Syndrome’.

  8. hunter says:

    The arrogance with which Mr.Obama finally took a dramatic stand a few weeks ago only makes the contrast between his claims and reality all the more entertaining.
    Perhaps Mr.Obama can be made the honorary president of the Flat Earth Society?

  9. Brian H says:

    “Obama Shares His Misunderstanding of Climate”.

  10. JBirks says:

    In fairness to FDR, he was president from 1933-1945 … one-termers (and Obama, who’s barely begun his second) will invariably “look better” by comparison.
    But yeah, this is one sorry bunch we have running things right now.

  11. Carbonicus says:

    I wish it was simply stupidity. Instead, it is bald-faced lies, as this data would be more than available to him and his administration. Outright lies and then the Goebbels Brownshirt technique of rallying young people to pressure officials and rally a sophomoric public to pressure legislators.

    Facts simply don’t matter to these people. Green Socialism, that’s what this is. It has to be shown for what it is, called out for what it is, and stomped out, lest we end up like the Euros who are on a terminal decline economically and socially.

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