Arctic Swimming Hole Gone

Yesterday, our friends were hysterical about a six inch deep pool of water which had accumulated around a buoy 350 km from the pole. They thought that bears were going to drown in it.

Fortunately, the life guard drained the pool.

ScreenHunter_343 Jul. 28 17.46

17.jpg (1024Γ—576)

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17 Responses to Arctic Swimming Hole Gone

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Globull Warming made all that water disappear! Drought comes to the Arctic!

  2. Scott says:

    Wait, I don’t keep track of all this buoy stuff. Is this the same buoy? If so, it must be pretty freaking cold up there to refreeze melt ponds in the last week of July.


  3. crosspatch says:

    It’s the same buoy. Looks like to me that a body of ice attempted to ride up over the ice that the buoy is on pushing it down from the weight to below the ocean surface level and water seeped in. The piece subducting under the other piece. Either that piece slid off in a different direction or the lower piece snapped off allowing the rest of the ice to pop back up to the surface.

    • Scott says:

      Is anyone pointing this out on the alarmist pieces? This is so freaking hilarious. Seems like the Gore Effect–did he write a piece on it or (even better) go visit? The piled up ice on the right side that looks like mountains is a dead giveaway that there’s not a ton of melting going on.


      • crosspatch says:

        One would have figured the ice hadn’t melted when they could clearly see the poles still sticking up out of the water. The photograph at Huffington Post did look like they had tried to obscure the poles, though. They couldn’t quite succeed with the one in the immediate foreground, though.

        • Scott says:

          Yeah, the poles were a dead giveaway.

          But frankly, a real melt could have occurred at that spot and I still wouldn’t have given it much credit. Those kinds of things happen all the time. I do want to know if it’s being shoved back in their faces though.


        • I spent quite a bit of time on that today. These people have no knowledge or interest in facts. It is a religion to them

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    There’s a detailed post on the appearance and sudden freak disappearance of the “swimming hole” here:

  5. pnconnerpconn says:

    RE: “I do want to know if it’s being shoved back in their faces though.”

    Lotta reality checking going on at


  6. Chris says:

    So far this Arctic summer seems to have similarities with “The short summer of 2004”:

  7. Chris says:

    Also found an interesting (if inconclusive) quote from another article about 2003: “Unexpectedly, toward the end of July, pond coverage decreased markedly (Fig. 4) while radiation and air temperatures were still at their normal summer values. A possible explanation is that the ice had become sufficiently porous for the melt water ponds to drain by percolation…..However, in mid-August the melt ponds re-appeared (Fig. 5), putting in question the hypothetical pond drainage by percolation.”

  8. NikFromNYC says:

    For the first time I’ve ever seen, the hipster and EFF associated privacy activist blog BoingBoing has issued a journalistic correction to their original parroting of this type of scare story:

    Geeks represent the first large sliver of Democrats who are already primed to distrust Big Brother’s shenanigans enough to stop ignoring the obvious AGW scam. They are still way too fond of comic Bill McKibben’s character as The Science Guy though, so it may take extra time for the dam to burst, but the pressure is really on now thanks to the hockey stick team’s season of extra obvious cheating, now in league with creepy and bungling propagandists. Alarmists seek authority and skeptics can’t yet command that until the likes of Brian Greene and other high testosterone academics finally speak out, Willie Soon being a good start. Outspoken activist geeks are already anti-authoritarian but abortion bans and the Drug War add great inertia to their ability to cohabit with conservatives who have adopted skepticism first. Older Republicans are now freaking out as the Tea Party massively swerves to overlap with these social libertarians thanks to the public arrival of 1984. Even Mike Huckabee on Fox News is now featuring mistaken SWAT team drug raids with dead dogs and dead daughters.

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