Thousands Of Terrorists Free Under The Obama Terrorist Release Program

Last week thousands of terrorists escaped from Afghan prisons. This week thousands escaped from Libyan prisons. And now Obama has convinced Israel to release another 104 terrorists.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders will resume face-to-face peace talks on Monday in Washington after Israel agreed to release 104 Palestinian prisoners convicted of deadly attacks

US Says Israeli-Palestinian Talks Set

That ought to work out really well for Israel.

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29 Responses to Thousands Of Terrorists Free Under The Obama Terrorist Release Program

  1. Martin says:

    One of the Palestinian “millitants” to be released:

    Ahmed Mahmed Jameel Shahada

    Shahada was sentenced to a 47 year term in 1989 for the rape and murder of a 13 year-old Israeli boy. The boy was killed by being beaten on the head with an Iron bar.

    • Of course. Obama wants the Christian guy who rescues families from burning vans in jail, and the Islamic rapist murderer free.

    • Blade says:

      How about just for once, Netanyahu play up a story like this. Release a statement saying that “The American President wants us to release a gay rapist murder from prison, one who raped and killed a 13 year-old boy“.

      I’ll bet moslems would deal with the gay rapist murderer more swiftly than enlightened Western eggheads.

      • miked1947 says:

        The 13 YO was not a man yet and he was also not one of the enlightened. That makes him fair game. An 11 YO girl can be sold for a wife and a 15 YO girl can become a prostitute in the war zone. Females are possessions that can be used or traded as desired.

  2. Bruce says:

    That ought to work out really well for Israel.

    They have a wall now. Walls work. Just ask the Norman conquerors of Britain.

    The Israelis have rediscovered a forgotten truth of defense:

    1. Build wall
    2. Man wall
    3. Put undesirables outside wall
    4. If they make trouble shoot at them

    Works every time. Which is why Obama doesn’t want one.

  3. Gordon Pratt says:

    The quote from Fox News continues on from …”convicted of deadly attacks…” It concludes “…convicted of deadly attacks, meeting a longstanding Palestinian demand.”

    Right. The Palestinians specified they would only accept prisoners who had killed Jews. Right.

    No wonder stevengoddard did not print the whole quote. It is too stupid for anyone to believe.

    • Did you hit your head on the sidewalk recently?

      • Gordon Pratt says:

        I admire your fearless search for the truth in climatology.

        But what am I to think when you turn around and accept Fox News reporting on the middle east which, as in this case, is really bad writing and editing? So bad in fact you dare not defend it?

        p.s. When a quotation omits part of what is written three dots (…) in place of the omission saves one from an accusation of misquoting.

      • Gordon Pratt says:

        This is a reply to SG of 10:53 pm July 30 (no reply button) who wrote:

        Are you a Nazi by any chance? Israel is 20% Islamic. Palestinians are 99.999% Muslim.”

        Wikipedia article on Palestinian Christians says:

        “Today, Christians comprise less than 4% of Palestinians living within the borders of former Mandate Palestine. They are approximately 8% of the West Bank population, less than 1% in Gaza, and nearly 10% of Israel’s Palestinian population”

        That research took me less than a minute.

    • David says:

      so you think they did not specify who to release, an just went for a number?

      • Gordon Pratt says:

        It is impossible to tell from the Fox News story because it is badly written. But it sounds bad for the Palestinians which may be Fox’s only purpose.

        Fox says: We report. You decide.

        Actually, the truth is: Fox cheerleads. The rest of us wonder what the news is.

    • miked1947 says:

      Who the F do you think are in the prisons, Jay Walkers?

      • miked1947 says:

        That was for Gordon. Also if Israel had handled it’s prisoners like the Muslims, they would have no prisoners. However unlike the Muslims they would have been guilty of war crimes and inhumane treatment of prisoners.

        • Gordon Pratt says:

          You seem to have forgotten the Christian Palestinians. Get your info from Fox do you?

        • miked1947 says:

          Christian Palestinians are a endangered species, just as Christians in Egypt and other Islam countries. I do not get my news from Fox but I learned how to think for myself rather than listen to lies from the group that declared war on every religion and sect that does not follow their version of the word as spoken by their favorite Mullah. Islam declared war in the 7th century and there has been not truce called and the war will not end until all the Infidels are destroyed or the infidels get smart and stop the madness.

        • Gordon Pratt says:

          The Palestinian Christians that I know personally regard Israeli policy as their problem.

        • miked1947 says:

          Yeah! The Israelis allow them to live their lives and practice whatever faith they want, unlike their buddies Hamas that kill anyone that does not practice Islam. I see where that could be a problem.

        • Gordon Pratt says:

          The Christians take eight hours to drive forty miles in the west bank. Most of the time is spent waiting in line at military checkpoints. The Jews, on the other hand, cover the same distance in a few minutes by taking Jews-only roads. Religious freedom, Israeli style.

        • You mean the ones they ran out of there several years ago?

        • miked1947 says:


        • miked1947 says:

          But they were “Humanely dispatched”. Just ask the UN!

        • miked1947 says:

          But they were “Humanely dispatched”. Just ask the UN!

        • You mean the ones who have been terrorized by Hamas?

        • Gordon,

          Are you a Nazi by any chance? Israel is 20% Islamic. Palestinians are 99.999% Muslim.

      • Gordon Pratt says:

        Men, women and children. Some are held for as long as thirty years. Many are held without trial.

        Israel announced they released 1027 prisoners for one Jewish soldier. But they did not tell us how many people they picked up the next day.

  4. TomC says:

    In 2011 Israel released over a thousand jailed Palestinians in exchange for Gilad Shalit. It seems as though The West always bends over backwards just for a chance to have a sit down discussion with a bunch of terrorist-supporting so-called “leaders” of the Palestinians. And to what end? The prisoners who were released will revert to being thugs, the rocket attacks will still occur, and no progress will be made. Unless the Palestinians score a victory with a concession for their statehood by Israel, forced upon them by Obama. But that would be a victory for the Progressives, for the rest of the people who actually have to live in that region, specifically, the Israelis, it will be regression.

    • miked1947 says:

      In that region any attacks against the Gaza Strip would be retaliation and there are no innocent people living in the Gaza Strip. They are there only for the purpose of striking blows at Israel!

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