To Climate Alarmists, Expanding Means Shrinking

The Petermann Glacier at the north end of Greenland is constantly pushing out towards the Nares Strait. Chunks of ice calve off as icebergs and float away. In 2010, a large chunk broke off and floated away.


Alarmists got hysterical about this at the time, and are recycling the nonsense today at SMH.

ScreenHunter_322 Jul. 28 06.56

Greenland glacier: Before/after pics

One thing these scumbags aren’t telling you is that two years later the entire region in that picture is now covered with ice. The current image below shows the boundary between glacial ice and sea ice as the red dashed line. The sea ice extends tens of miles past where it was in 2011.

ScreenHunter_324 Jul. 28 06.59

EOSDIS Worldview (Alpha)

h/t to climatism

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9 Responses to To Climate Alarmists, Expanding Means Shrinking

  1. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on CACA.

  2. John Silver says:

    It’s not a glacier if it’s on water. That’s called sea ice.
    A glacier is located on land.

  3. There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

    John? Do you mean to say that HMS Titanic hit a glacier instead of an iceberg?

  4. crosspatch says:

    Oh, and the great North Pole “lake” suddenly completely re-froze overnight 🙂

    What was happening is that a block of ice was riding up onto the block on which the camera sits pushing that block downward. Sea water leaking in through a fracture had flooded across the ice as it was pushed down. It looks today like that portion bearing the weight of the overriding block must have snapped allowing the ice to bob back up to the surface. So the “lake” that got the arms of Huffington Post and others waiving has suddenly re-appeared.

  5. BC says:

    Perhaps someone should alert these geniuses that all of the valleys in Yosemite National Park used to be filled with glaciers and they managed to melt all by themselves. (Or, perhaps, because of Fred Flintstone’s foot-powered SUV.) Then again, pointing out facts to the AGW imbeciles is like trying to teach a pig to play pinochle…

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