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Walt Meier Says All Scientists See A Blue Future

One thing that all scientists who study sea ice agree upon is that under increasing temperatures, the overall long-term declining trend will continue and some summer in the future, we will look down on the North Pole and see a … Continue reading

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97% Of German Experts Believed That Jews Threatened The Country’s Future

The Fuehrer said that he didn’t have the time to debate flat earthers about this issue. The time for action is now. In organizing their eugenics program the Nazis were inspired by the United States’ programs of forced sterilization, especially … Continue reading

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Will The Ice Reach Them?

The rowers are stuck on a small island at Cape Parry, with winds forecast not to change for a few days. Meanwhile there is a wall of sea ice barreling down towards them from the Beaufort Sea, driven by the … Continue reading

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1929 Shock News : Ships Had Circumnavigated The Arctic Ocean

25 Sep 1929 – UNDER THE POLE IN A SUBMARINE Climate experts tell us that the ice was about 30 feet thick at the time.

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McKibben Calls For Zero Carbon Emissions

McKibben is flying all over the country generating vast amounts of CO2 and telling other people that they can’t generate any. “If we’re going to stop climate change, we don’t need to just cut our carbon emissions a little bit … Continue reading

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Time To Start Going After The End Users In Obama’s War On Carbon

The war on drugs has failed because it is focused on the suppliers, rather than the consumers. Similarly, Obama has been focused on punishing CO2 producers, when the real problem is the consumers. Trees demand CO2, and are thus a … Continue reading

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US Dictator To Exercise His Chemistry Expertise In Making Keystone Decision

I’m going to evaluate this based on whether or not this is going to significantly contribute to carbon in our atmosphere. And there is no doubt that Canada at the source in those tar sands could potentially be doing more … Continue reading

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