Almost Crushed By Rotten, Decayed Ice

ScreenHunter_381 Jul. 29 12.06

David Barber says that the little remaining ice in the Arctic is rotten and decayed and will all melt soon. (He has been saying that for every year I can remember.)

Some of this rotten, decayed ice almost crushed the rowers.

ScreenHunter_380 Jul. 29 12.04

We then woke to the crunching sound of a large ice berg nudging up against the boat. The ice berg had pinned our anchor line and hard as we tried, we couldn’t free the line. Because the berg was moving, the nose of the boat was starting to be pulled underneath it so we had to cut the line and in doing so say good bye to our anchor.

A Tough Day At The Office

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10 Responses to Almost Crushed By Rotten, Decayed Ice

  1. Glacierman says:

    Wow, that Arctic Blowtorch sure is bright.

  2. phodges says:

    Maybe it’s time to unblock Reggie and too…could very entertaining!

  3. Pathway says:


  4. kbray in california says:

    Their cabin must be sealed too air tight.
    More fresh air ventilation might clear their thinking.

  5. TimiBoy says:

    No spare anchor? Wow, experienced boaties NOT!

  6. Sleepalot says:

    They don’t know to post a lookout.

  7. Fred Allen says:

    From their blog…”We are far too remote to be taking any stupid risks and doing so would be absolutely foolish.” Hmmm, ya think? ‘Bout a month behind the curve on this thought.

  8. Bill says:

    Do you think that David Barber will have any legal liability if the rowers are injured or killed by ice/arctic cold this year? Only seems fair.

  9. Shouldn’t these folks realize theyare in a dangerous position.

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