They Were Warned

June 29

ScreenHunter_447 Jun. 29 07.05

(1) Mainstream Last First

I’m posting this now, while they still might be able to get out. It would be bad form later to say “I told you so” to the deceased.


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38 Responses to They Were Warned

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    They think it is still 2012, or at least their camera does.

    We found Franklin!!

    • kbray in california says:

      More evidence of a failure to attend to details… unless it is an old photo.
      Their humor about Franklin’s death in this photo is inappropriate.
      They seem blind to how close they are themselves to their own demise.
      Don’t push your luck any further guys.
      Go home.

  2. omanuel says:

    Steve, it seems useless to try to warn humans.

    It is no coincidence that almost all religions carry the same message: “Pride goeth before the fall.”

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  3. Wizzum says:

    So they haven’t posted a position since 11:00 AM yesterday. Where do you think they will be when they turn the GPS back on?

  4. Edmonton Al says:

    These guys[if they survive], will likely head down to Florida, and try diverting hurricanes
    with Walmart fans. Hey! There are 4 of them. It should work.

  5. kbray in california says:

    Your factual comment was “too hostile” for this escapade.
    I could not find it listed.
    They are not listening to reasonable discussion.

    • miked1947 says:

      They deleted both Steven’s and mu comments along with others saying they should rethink their travels. What we were saying was not supportive.

  6. kbray in california says:

    If the wind and seas ever calm down, rowing back to Cape Parry and “pulling” down the coast to Paulatuk would be my choice… provided the ice allows a gap. Then go home and call it a day.

    • shazaam says:

      Erm, in the warmista lexicon, one does not “call it a day”. The only appropriate action would be to “declare victory”.

      Remember, logic does not apply to warmistas. Ever.

    • Fred from Canuckistan says:

      Get to the nearest shore, abandon their boat anchor of a boat, load up on food stores and walk?

  7. swampsniper says:

    I still won’t think it was a serious effort until they have to eat their dead, I don’t think they have any dogs.
    Al, DON’T send them to Florida, the gators aren’t hungry.enough to eat frozen food.

  8. @NJSnowFan says:

    I would guess there has to be Canada Ice Breakers up in that area opening shipping routes this time of year. There is a list of all ships and locations link but I don’t have it any more. Can some one post it.

    • Fred from Canuckistan says:

      Might be.

      More likely is the annual Sea Lift boats that deliver the annual food/fuel/non-perishable supplies to the small villages that make up the settlements of the Arctic Archipelago.

      As they unload cargo, there would be room for the Gilligan Boys and their boat.

  9. Latitude says:

    I hope they realize how far “help” is…….
    If they need immediate rescue….it’s not going to happen

  10. slimething says:

    Weren’t there a group of hikers a few years back that didn’t make it to the NP, but planted victory flags anyway?

  11. swampsniper says:

    If they can find one overheated snow snake they will declare victory and talk about it for the next 10 years.

  12. Disillusioned says:

    Looks like they got off the island an hour ago.

  13. stewart pid says:

    I’m thinking that they are headed for Paulatuk where there is RCMP an airport and float plane summer accessibility …. once there they will surrender to the climate change ice god that blocked their way to a successful mission. Reggie will pick them up in his Lear jet and all will be drinking girly man coffee flavoured drinks at Starbucks in Edmonton by the weekend.

  14. kbray in california says:

    The GPS tracking has disappeared.

  15. kbray in california says:

    Kevin just left a “time capsule” “in the Arctic” for his daughters on their little island.
    That tells me that they are done.
    Next, they will announce “it’s over”.

    • stewart pid says:

      Indeed kbray …. I meant to mention that in my post as the reason behind my thinking that they were giving up … it looked like a grand finale type of action.

    • Skiphil says:

      Re: time capsule

      I hope the daughters develop the wisdom to say “damnit dad, you are a nut, and we are not journeying into the icy Arctic to retrieve a stupid time capsule!”

  16. stewart pid says:

    I still get a 12:30 GPS loc from them … still on the move south.

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