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President Eisenhower Warned America About Michael Mann In 1960

“The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present  and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we … Continue reading

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Dealing With Criminals

No mention in the press of the record cold at the North Pole, the large increase in Arctic ice extent over last year, or the record Antarctic ice extent. Instead they made up a fake story about the North Pole … Continue reading

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Is The Hand Of Suzuki Back At Work?

The rowers are blazing south at 4km/hour into a stiff headwind.  

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Guardian Discusses “Real Science”

Are climate sceptics the real champions of the scientific method? Since climate change came to prominence in 1988, the role of scientific knowledge – especially an idea of scientific consensus – has played a starring role in the ensuing academic enquiry/political debate/trench … Continue reading

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Runaway Braindamage Effect Strikes Climate Scientists

One of the stupidest claims in climate science, originally pushed by the constantly stoned Carl Sagan, is that increasing CO2 will lead to a runaway greenhouse effect. This is a spectacularly stupid concept. The only IR bands which are not … Continue reading

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Government Scientists Know What Is Best for You


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Mikey Says The Goal Of Research Is To Push An Agenda

Twitter Mikey does Climategate III on twitter

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