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Seeing The Miracle

On July 24, the rowers were touched by the hand of Gaia and rowed 30 km into a stiff head wind with their GPS off. Had they not made it around the point that day, this is what they would … Continue reading

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NSA Terror Keywords

Veteran,  Tea Party, Ron Paul, Republican, Christian, Constitution, Libertarian, Romney, skeptic, 2nd Amendment. Be extra careful when transmitting these words electronically!

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Summer Returns For The Rowers

Temperatures are back up to freezing!

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Barry Thinking About Breaking His Date With Vlad

Edward Snowden asylum: US ‘disappointed’ by Russian decision | World news | The Guardian

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Shock News : Cheney Was Right About Obama

Iraq suffers its deadliest month in five years | World news | The Guardian

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Robin Hood Quiz

Can you figure out what this is? It was my first try.

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Shock News : Rowers Discover That The Arctic Is Icy And Cold

The planned crossings have not been possible because of the ice coverage and the danger of ending up in a soup of massive icebergs. A Lesson In Patience For Denis Why didn’t anyone tell them this before they started? 03.05.2013 … Continue reading

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The Reason We Have The Fourth Amendment

There was a reason why the founding fathers forbade unreasonable searches without warrant or probable cause. A New York woman says her family’s interest in the purchase of pressure cookers and backpacks led to a home visit by six police … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Makes The Moronic Racist Comment Of The Day

House Republicans Set to Defy Obama Are Mostly White Men – Bloomberg The majority of people in Congress are white men, just like Bloomberg. Zimmerman could have been his son. Odds are that any group of Congressmen is going to … Continue reading

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Reader Quiz

Every time you see a photograph of a child with similar skin color to your own, do you think “that could be my child?”

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