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Every time you see a photograph of a child with similar skin color to your own, do you think “that could be my child?

ScreenHunter_83 Aug. 01 10.53


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18 Responses to Reader Quiz

  1. John Q. Galt says:

    House Republicans Set to Defy Obama Mostly White Men

    Bloomberg “Oy Vey!” L.P. reminds me to vote Replican because I’m white. Alright, if they insist.

  2. Ha! That’s my sweet little girl – Smeagol Homewood – takes after her mum!

  3. 4timesayear says:

    I don’t think of skin color when I see children – I don’t see skin color when I see adults for that matter – I see human beings.

  4. The intrepid rowers don’t seem to have moved today, unless their GPS has stopped working. They are stlll camped out on the beach.

    Their latest article from yesterday makes interesting reading.

    In our small bay of refuge, we rest for the evening. The trials of a day tangling with ice flows has been both physically and emotionally taxing, and we enjoy a moment of reprieve.
    The bay weโ€™re moored in is crescent shaped and has several pieces of sea ice nestled to its far side.

    Seven years ago while walking the beaches of King William Island with local historian Louie Kamookak we would discover a similar site. It was over 800 years old, caribou bones still scattered about the floor, evidence of a meal long ago eaten, frozen in a time

    The caribou must have believed Mikey Mann, and assumed it was too cold for humans in the MWP.

  5. Okie says:

    The ears seem similar

  6. stewart pid says:

    That’s Reggie and he is gonna be pissed that you published his photo without permission!!

  7. How…precious.
    For this and all the other awesome you’ve provided over the years, You. Are. Nominated:

  8. slimething says:

    Maybe Obama doesn’t know he has a son, or two or more?

  9. Larry Fields says:

    To the best of my knowledge, no I don’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

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