The Reason We Have The Fourth Amendment

There was a reason why the founding fathers forbade unreasonable searches without warrant or probable cause.

A New York woman says her family’s interest in the purchase of pressure cookers and backpacks led to a home visit by six police investigators demanding information about her job, her husband’s ancestry and the preparation of quinoa.

Michele Catalano, who lives in Long Island, New York, said her web searches for pressure cookers, her husband’s hunt for backpacks, and her “news junkie” son’s craving for information on the Boston bombings had combined somewhere in the internet ether to create a “perfect storm of terrorism profiling”.

Members of what she described as a “joint terrorism task force” descended on Catalano’s home on Wednesday. A spokesman for the FBI told to the Guardian on Thursday that its investigators were not involved in the visit, but that “she was visited by Nassau County police department … They were working in conjunction with Suffolk County police department.”

New York woman visited by police after researching pressure cookers online | World news |


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17 Responses to The Reason We Have The Fourth Amendment

  1. Anthony Bremner says:

    Sorry, off the subject but I do not see an email link to you. This expedition seems to have taken to the land with wheels on their Kayak because of the ice problem.

  2. shazaam says:

    What? The cops didn’t go in with a no-knock SWAT team raid and kill their dog(s) ?? That’s just not normal!!

    Talk about locking the barn door after the thieves emptied the barn…. US government, always fighting the old battles, never looking ahead.

  3. miked1947 says:

    They have not visited my house yet and I was looking at the same things to show the wife.

  4. This would actually be funny if it weren’t so damned stupid and serious.

    I looked up backpacks, not long ago (several times) and bought on in the Base exchange.
    I looked up pressure cookers for my wife, for our boat, and bought one in Walmart (I think).
    I looked up a LOT of news on Boston and other terrorist attacks and REPOSTED it elsewhere.

    the ATF and cops and government can just fuck themselves.

  5. Kaboom says:

    Are Obama’s drones running out of missiles or why did they bother sending flatfoots?

  6. Gamecock says:

    This is an example of why people who say, “If you haven’t done anything wrong, you shouldn’t care if they search you,” are clueless.

    Masses are forced to PROVE that they didn’t do anything wrong, a significant inconvenience.

    Another peeve of mine is the notion that if they found something bad, the search would thereby be justified. No, an illegal search is an illegal search, whether something is found or not.

  7. redjefff says:

    But don’ ya’s worry… the NSA isn’t computer siphoning any recorded information. No sireeee Bob. There aren’t enough analysts to go through a Gazigabyte of information, so, always ‘member, Hal just may be watching you ;0 ????

  8. Jon says:

    Currently on Discovery or History, there was a recent episode of surviving in Alaska, wherein an older and hairy man always carried his pressure cooker in his backpack wherever he hiked, and as the commentator said wouldn’t be caught dead wihout it, he was so in love with it. Seems the “Feds” ought to go out into the wilds of Alaska, and see what he’s up to. Seemed like an nice and interesting old coot to me. One thing was sure, he wasn’t a hairy ape muslim.

    Actually, pressure cookers do some incredible things for cooking of all types, at altitude especially, and at low altitude as well. In minimalist fire or backcountry pack cooking mode, they cook things significantly faster with less fuel used by far usually, and at highter altitude, there are things near or plain impossible to cook well without pressure cookers. And they sterilize wild game cooking really well, in the outback. It was gratifying to see the old codger of the Alaskan wild packing his p cooker always, to use less fuel, cook more thoroughly, quickly, and sterilize as a bonus. Only things not possibly killed might be spore forms, and prions, maybe, but may be reduced or minimized.

    • Gamecock says:

      Hmmm. I was going to boil some peanuts this PM. Would a p.word cooker [I’m not saying the word that NSA looks for] do a better job? Takes about 3 hours in a regular pot.

      No worries on killing da bugs. 8 ounces of salt in the brine kills everything.

  9. Pathway says:

    How did Nassau County know of their activities?

  10. The presumption that you are innocent until the Government PROVES you guilty is too much for our Government to bother with. It is so much easier to presume guilt, pronounce sentence, and execute the sentence than have all the bother and expense of due process.

    So what if a few innocent people get hurt? We must get the bad guys to be safe. Also, with the laws the way they are, it is certain that the accused is guilty of something so he likely got what he deserved anyway. Especially since it is clear that he was a trouble maker. Look at all the expense and bother that the Government had to go through to investigate the leads they had. It is irrelevant that they came by those leads using unconstitutional and illegal means as well as having no properly executed warrant to justify any of their actions.

    Someone has to pay for the crime and it won’t be the Government. It will be We the People paying for it with our lives, our fortune, our sacred honor, and our liberty.

    A test question: What is the crime that the phrase “the crime” refers to? See the Declaration of Independence for instructive detail. It is still one of the most radical political documents yet written.

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