National Geographic : Global Warming Makes People Throw Acid In Each Other’s Faces


An acid attack victim in Karachi, Pakistan. A new study suggests that such violence increases with abnormal temperatures.

Wars, Murders to Rise Due to Global Warming?

According to Hansen, World War I occurred during the coldest years ever. That would be 37,000,000 non-global warming related deaths. The frozen siege of Stalingrad in WWII was clearly a global warming related event too.

National Geographic was better when they stuck with pictures of perky topless island women.


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19 Responses to National Geographic : Global Warming Makes People Throw Acid In Each Other’s Faces

  1. Mike says:

    This ain’t science, it’s randomly taking left wing drivel and sticking scientific propaganda on it. Every left wing scenario is climate change.

    Here is some other social ills caused by global warming:

    Global warming drove Clinton to get a blowjob from an intern.
    Weiner has become a sex hound only because of global warming, the hockey stick proves it.
    Global warming has driven Suzuki to have an all girl security detail.
    Climate change has caused Pachaurri to write sexually graphic novels.
    And as for GoreBull, pity the masses, er the masseuses.

    1 degree less and these noble men would be considered respectable.

  2. I can’t read New Scientist anymore either. It’s mainly either pseudo science or junk science these days. Whatever sells magazines I suppose.

  3. Norman says:

    OT but this will NOT be accepted by the AGW team. Just watch the pressure put on the scientist to ADJUST or CHANGE the graphs fortunately there a few honest Scandinavians out there. It really is the end of the AGW if this trend continues OR IF the Ice researchers are not FORCED to changed the outcome

  4. Ivan says:

    National Geographic was better when they stuck with pictures of perky topless island women.
    Reminds me of the story of how Jesse Jacckson had to withdraw from the 1984 presidential race because someone discovered that his mother had been photographed naked in National Geographic.

  5. Ivan says:

    What a lot of horse shit. Don’t these guys read each others’ studies?
    “Zhang says that’s hard to predict. “We’ve never experienced how hot the climate [has to be] to create human disasters,” he says. “We know current temperatures may be the hottest for 2 millennia,” but the evidence that this will cause wars is “not much.”

  6. Ivan says:
    “Meteorologically, the Civil War took place at the tail end of what is often termed the Little Ice Age, a period of general cooling and unpredictability that most scholars date from roughly 1310 to 1850. Despite what its name suggests, the Little Ice Age actually encompassed dramatic fluctuations in weather, with one year bringing an intensely cold winter and easterly winds, and the next heavy rains and raging heat. On the whole, conditions began to warm after 1850, but during the war Virginia experienced extreme precipitation and alternate periods of blazing heat and bitter cold.”
    …So… which was it?

  7. Ivan says:
    Further Understanding: Causes of the French Revolution
    Starvation: A colder weather pattern struck during the economic melt down, causing food to become even more scarce.

  8. John B., M.D. says:

    This load of crap from Nat Geo is one of the reasons I cancelled my subscription to their magazine.

  9. redc1c4 says:

    acid attacks are caused by the religion of pieces, not weather.

  10. Ivan says:

    And who could forget this one?
    “Why did Napoleon Fail in Russia in 1812?
    The final factor was the weather. First it was too hot — making it a dry, dusty march to Moscow. Then when the Retreat began, it was too cold at first. This was a bone-chilling well below zero cold that few had experienced before. First to die were the weak who, too exhausted to walk, laid down and died. As the little food supplies they had ran out, the strong got weaker and they too began to die. But then the weather changed. There was a warm spell which thawed the frozen roads — slowing down the march even more. Roads that were heavily rutted, but solid soon were quagmires of mud. Streams that were once frozen were quick moving and obstacles that had to be overcome. Rivers that could have been crossed without bridges now needed bridges. All of which took precious time and energy, something the army did not have. Then once again the weather took a turn for the worse — this time far colder than before. Thousands died in their sleep overcome by exhaustion and exposure.”

  11. Chewer says:

    When thieves, crooks, hardcore criminals and those addicted to deceit become progressive in their endeavors, they steal your money and much more through the educational & scientific societal institutions:
    Eisenhower had no idea how corrupt the institutions of higher education would become, but he did recognize the assholes when he saw them!

  12. Old Goat says:

    As I recall from historical evidence, pestilence, plague, civil unrest and strife, desertification, and the like tended to increase in times of cooler climatological conditions, often following significant volcanic activity. Explosions of hot-headed violence on hot, humid days is not unusual, and hardly linked to a changing climate. After all, the climate has ALWAYS changed, and anyway, it’s not getting any hotter.

    I have not noticed any particular increase in my feelings of animosity towards the leftie greenie eco-dimwits purely because today is, say, ten degrees warmer than yesterday. I hate them ALL the time.

  13. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on CACA and commented:
    If it weren’t for catastrophic global cooling during Charlie Manson’s days, he would have killed many more than 9.

  14. Justa Joe says:

    It seems that either the word has come down that the climate propaganda campaign must ramp up to counter the fact that the people are getting wise that the temperatures aren’t rising.

    Or all of that BHO tax dollar sponsored climate crap is now flooding out over the landscape like some kind of libtard Keystone pipeline rupture.

  15. Ivan says:
    “In his monumental new book, Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century, distinguished historian Geoffrey Parker also investigates the idea that there might be a close relationship between global unrest and unusually inclement weather. But he poses his question the other way round. Might it be, he asks, that it was the “Little Ice Age” experienced around the world between the 1610s and the late 1680s, causing death, disease and depopulation, that produced the social, economic and political upheavals of the same period? Data from both northern and southern hemispheres studied by climatologists confirms that there was a drop in global temperature of one or two degrees Celsius over this period. Could this be directly linked to wars, invasions and government collapses?”

    • Mohatdebos says:

      Read the Zhang study cited above. While the press release emphasizes the potential impact on humans of warming, most of the historical disasters noted are the result of cooling.

    • John M says:

      You’ve got some good posts there illustrating how historians are particularly susceptible to reinterpreting the past according to whatever trendy thought is going around. If it isn’t another Malthusian riff (which the entire theory of mankind’s affect on climate inherently is), it’s some BS queer theory advancing aberrant sexual motives for all human behavior. Back in the day, military historians used to provide a little balance, but they’re all currently out to lunch on a bunch of politically driven COIN/nation building nonsense that is almost as bad. All great ways to seize taxpayers’ money and pour it down a sinkhole…

  16. Okie says:

    So apparently we should deport criminals to Siberian islands above the Arctic Circle. I’m for it.

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