Rowers Have Arrived In Beautiful Downtown Paulatuk

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36 Responses to Rowers Have Arrived In Beautiful Downtown Paulatuk

  1. Jeffk says:

    Long time to go without a restroom. Did they leave their scents in yellow snow, for the polar bears?

  2. Martin says:

    Is that an airstrip ? 🙂

  3. Latitude says:

    that’s a long way in the wrong direction….

  4. Jeffk says:

    I hope they have internet there!

  5. Richard Lynch says:

    Doesn’t look likely that there’s a store that sells anchors there.

  6. Richard Lynch says:

    The kayakers are still there too. Maybe they’ll offer the rowers a tow.

  7. Traitor In Chief says:

    Well, now the draggers can book a room at madam mukluks Bearhug Inn. The madam and her mom are both workin the late shift.

    • kbray in California says:

      I once knew a young lady named Paula Tuk
      Boy, did she really ever know how to… yuck
      She’d tell me the jokes
      and to all the blokes
      She’d laugh so hard she would up- chuck.

  8. Anything is possible says:

    Tuktoyakutsk to Paulatuk (as the crow flies) 218 miles

    Paulatuk to Pond Inlet (as the crow flies) 1,034 miles.

    At current rate of “progress” they can expect to arrive in Pond Inlet around the end of October…..

    Good luck, gentlemen……

  9. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    4000 feet of improved gravel runway, crowned and ridged.

    At least it was when I was there back in the day and inspected it.

  10. B.C. says:

    Let’s see the rowers try to talk the residents out of their reliance on that Eeeeevil Fossil Fuel stored in those big tanks in the photo.

  11. …as they take hot showers for the first time in some weeks.

    • Richard Lynch says:

      Doesn’t look like the kind of place that has a hotel. They would have to convince someone to let them use their bathroom.

  12. Anto says:

    So, when is someone going to give them all the bad news that the Northwest Passage is closed?

  13. Richard Lynch says:

    Wouldn’t it be a bitch if the only rooms at the Paulatuk B&B were already occupied by the kayak team?

  14. Sleepalot says:

    Oceanographic research ship USCGC Healy (callsign NEPP) has been reporting 23.6C water in the Arctic Ocean (approx).

  15. J Calvert N says:

    “23.6” seems to be some sort of error value. There are several readings of exactly “23.6”. Real data doesn’t do this. Also, in the case of about 6 of the 23.6 readings the adjacent dewpoint data cell is missing completely. (Pardon me if I’m just pointing-out the blindingly obvious)

    • B.C. says:

      It was the weekly “Mojito Mayhem & Burning Bunghole Burrito Blast” aboard ship and the water temp sensor is located just aft of the brown water discharge port. 😉

    • chris y says:

      They were probably doing some repair or component replacement on the sensor assembly, so they brought it inside to the heated workshop.

    • Sleepalot says:

      I agree it’s probably an error, but it’s a _research_ ship: if _they_ can’t manage that simple task, …

  16. Billy Liar says:

    Healy seems to out check if the Beaufort sea ice is ‘decayed’ and if it isn’t, make it ‘decayed’.

  17. oeman50 says:

    According to WikiP, the name Paulatuk means “place of coal” in the local vernacular. Oh, the ironing……

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