SWAT Team Raids Farm To Kill A Fawn

In case you doubted that the US has been taken over by hard core lunatics and criminals.

It never occurred to the fascists to make a friendly phone call?

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24 Responses to SWAT Team Raids Farm To Kill A Fawn

  1. miked1947 says:


  2. Kaboom says:

    Guess they couldn’t get a drone to carry out a strike against the facility on such short notice.

  3. slimething says:

    A similar story near us in Michigan which grabbed national attention had a different ending. The DNR is not only hated, but feared. Unelected, unaccountable thugs not unlike the IRS.

  4. hamood abood says:

    This confirms my believs that the US will soon become a 3rd world country with idiotes drivin it to that end!!

  5. My God, that’s horrible.

  6. darrylb says:

    Weak leaders cannot adjust to differing situations. It is often safe to hide behind the wording of a law. Sometimes local, long time officials are the best because they can adjust to the situation.
    Anyway those rebels are the ones we like on TV shows!

  7. shazaam says:

    Fun and overtime for the entire SWAT team!!

    Followed by a evening barbeque featuring tender barbequed venison and beer.

    Just another day in the world of the tax-parasites/law-enforcement goons.

  8. wulliejohn says:

    Where is Disney when you want him? Did they eat Bambi in a post operation barbie? Shame to waste all that protien.

    • Andy Oz says:

      I’m sure PETA will start legal action against the State to bring the deer killers to justice. Waiting……….waiting.

  9. omanuel says:

    The really sad fact is that leaders of the scientific community have been actively involved in deception for (2013 – 1945) = sixty-eight years.

    Good Intentions to Save Us, Enslaved Us

    Fear of nuclear annihilation and Remorse for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Aug 1945 convinced world leaders and scientists to take control of the world on 24 Oct 1945.

    Although I didn’t know it, my entire scientific career was spent trying to “leak” information past the gatekeepers.

    See message sent to the Space Science & Technology Committee of the House of Representatives on 17 July 2013:

    Click to access Creator_Destroyer_Sustainer_of_Life.pdf

    With kind regards, – Oliver K. Manuel Former NASA Principal Investigator for Apollo

    Sent from my iPhone

  10. There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

    We already knew that Obama’s and Holder’s drones take good aerial photographs. So this is not about the fawn as much as it is a full dress rehearsal on how to take over all CO2 producing activities from American Citizens, like breathing.

  11. gator69 says:

    I wonder what they want to do with deer HUNTERS? Skeeter’s policy czar Cass Sunstein wants them prosecuted as murderers.

  12. gator69 says:

    I think I found the problem…

    “William Seale of Alexandria, Va., author of the two-volume authoritative history “The President’s House,” states that George Washington loved horses and dogs and was especially fond of his pet deer.”

    Anything or founders liked is verboten.

  13. Jeffk says:

    Our gov’t is run by myopic, degree-walled morons with no thought initiative. Greek tragedy.

  14. Blade says:

    Motherf*cking gestapo. War is coming.

  15. Andy Oz says:

    Practice run for the State to start doing the same to human beings! “We tried to take him alive, but our policy is to euthanise them”.

  16. Olaf Koenders says:

    It must have been a threat to national security.

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