Latest Death Spiral Forecast

Our leading diplomats, scientists and environmental organizations have promised that the remaining 155,000 Manhattans of Arctic sea ice are going to melt in the next week or two. The graph below updates the most likely death spiral trajectory.

ScreenHunter_127 Aug. 03 06.03

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013

– John Kerry, US Secretary of State

John Kerry: We Can’t Ignore the Security Threat from Climate Change

ScreenHunter_409 Jan. 18 21.32

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013′

James Hansen : ‘This is the last chance’


“We see a tipping point occurring right before our eyes,” Hansen told the AP before the luncheon. “The Arctic is the first tipping point and it’s occurring exactly the way we said it would.”

Hansen, echoing work by other scientists, said that in five to 10 years, the Arctic will be free of sea ice in the summer.

NASA warming scientist: ‘This is the last chance’ –

June 26, 2013

The alarming loss of sea ice which has grown worse each summer over the past several decades, has taken a sharp turn for the worse: this year the loss is right in the middle, the most resilient part of the ice cover. This could lead to a completely ice-free Arctic Ocean by September.

Unprecedented hole is growing in Arctic sea ice – Fairfax Climate Watch

ScreenHunter_165 Jul. 17 11.51

Why Arctic sea ice will vanish in 2013 | Sierra Club Canada

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11 Responses to Latest Death Spiral Forecast

  1. They take us for idiots.

    • Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

      – Hanlons razor

    • Ivan says:

      The don’t take us for idiots – they know it for a mathematical certainty.
      “PRINCETON, NJ — U.S. worry about global warming is heading back up after several years of expanded public skepticism. Views on the subject are now near the midpoint in Gallup trends, exemplified by the 58% of Americans who say they worry a great deal or fair amount about global warming. This is up from 51% in 2011 but still below the 62% to 72% levels seen in earlier years.”

      What’s the famous quote: “There goes my people. I must follow them, for I am their leader.”

  2. stewart pid says:

    Why are the DMI and NORSEX standard deviations so differ? Is the Danish one metric (sarc)?
    2013 is firmly into the STD on the DMI graph and not even close on NORSEX. Something deviant going on with the deviations?
    Figures don’t lie but liars figure.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Here are some more. – November 16, 2007

    ‘Frightening’ projection for Arctic melt

    The Arctic Ocean could be free of ice in the summer as soon as 2010 or 2015 – something that hasn’t happened for more than a million years, according to a leading polar researcher.
    National Geographic – December 12, 2007
    Arctic Sea Ice Gone in Summer Within Five Years?

    “…..NASA climate scientist Jay Zwally said: “At this rate, the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free at the end of summer by 2012, much faster than previous predictions.””

    What date did Gore give again?

  4. Anything is possible says:

    That’s clearly a death spiral.

    Just without the spiral.

    Or the death.

    Stop being so picky, Steve!

  5. scizzorbill says:

    Vanish: If only the alarmists/green/marxist/globalist crowd would vanish, life would return to normal. I know I’m asking sh*tload, but one can dream.

  6. Stephen Richards says:

    We should note the names of all these idiots for pinning to a billboard on the beltway. Oblarny at the top of the list followed by pelosi et al.

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