Reader Poll : Whose Fault Is It?

The US is currently under a foreign travel alert, just like we were when 9/11 happened inside the US.

Whose fault is it?

  1. Giggles
  2. Snowden
  3. Zimmerman
  4. A wildly incompetent and irresponsible POTUS
  5. Giggles’ former friends

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14 Responses to Reader Poll : Whose Fault Is It?

  1. Trick question, it’s Youtube again, right?

  2. There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

    Steven, the link is broken. I keep clicking #4 and nothing happens.

  3. There Is No Substitute for Victory says:


  4. Gamecock says:

    It’s a trick question to distract us from who is really responsible. The Teleprompter.

  5. Whatever it is, impeach it already–and its little dog too.

  6. kuhnkat says:

    It’s Zimmerman’s fault of course. If he hadn’t selfishly killed the Punk trying to splatter his head, Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Barry, et al would not have been distracted and would have had this over with a year ago!!!

  7. gator69 says:

    Al Qaeda is simply celebrating Skeeter’s birthday! Arab Summer!

  8. miked1947 says:

    I clicked on 4 but all I saw was a bad stand up comic.
    It is probably Bush’s fault! Both of them! OH! and their other family members also.

  9. phodges says:

    Citizens of Oceana, be afraid of Goldberg!

  10. Olaf Koenders says:

    POTUS should be COTUS – use your favourite word to replace.

  11. shazaam says:

    You forgot #6!!

    6) It’s time for a “Wag the Dog” event to distract the public from all the scandals.

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