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Obama Is Just Protecting The Country From Terrorists, Obeying The Law

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I Was Just Following Orders, Obeying The Law

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Disturbing Imagery From Yesterday’s Fort Collins Exceptional Drought

Trees were snapped by the rush of exceptional drought coming down Spring Creek.

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Understanding The Rowers’ Route

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Mary Wolf Raises An Important Question

Can residents of Texas improve the on-time delivery of books to Santa Fe bookstores, by believing in the global warming faith and purchasing a Prius? If you have been ingesting large quantities of hallucinogenic substances over the last few decades, … Continue reading


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The Devil’s Triangle

Boulder Colorado, Santa Fe  New Mexico and Sedona  Arizona (home of John McCain) form the new age Devil’s Triangle. I was working as a computer repairman in Sedona, while attending Northern Arizona University for a year in the mid 1980s, … Continue reading

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Latest Terror Intelligence

It can now be revealed for the first time that Bambi actually started the fire. Fortunately, crack law enforcement teams have neutralized the threat.

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Latest From Obama’s Black Forest Permanent Drought

Obama blamed the Black Forest Fire on your SUV.  This is what is happening there right now.

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Latest From Mary’s Santa Fe Permanent Drought

New Mexico Weather Alerts | KOB.com

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Rower Theme Song

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