There Is Only One Reason To Buy A Car

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Military grade cars kill and maim millions of people a year. The only reason to purchase one of these weapons of mass destruction is to kill lots of people. Civilians should only be allowed single stroke engines, with a top speed slow enough to allow pedestrians to get out of the way. The danger of self-reloading cylinders is unacceptable after today’s Santa Ana massacre.

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5 Responses to There Is Only One Reason To Buy A Car

  1. R. de Haan says:

    Just telling it as it is with a minal use of words. Steven Goddard is a weapon of mass destruction against any Government/Media scam brought into the public arena and the living nightmare of any propagandist riding the gravy train. Please re- post more of his razor sharp postings.
    He deserves it.

  2. There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

    Think of all the profiling the Dim-ocrat Party does to the rest of the nation’s citizens using unflattering names, adjectives, and images that Democrats frequently apply to Americans who own firearms, SUV’s or who work for a living. The Democrats are doing all the profiling, demonizing and promoting one segment of society above another and they call it SOCIAL JUSTICE!

    Before the Democrat Party became the racist party… hold on, the Democrat Party has always been the racist party. If you doubt me see the Massachusetts Democrat Senator John F Kennedy’s voting record on civil rights, it’s essentially the same voting record on civil rights as South Carolina Democrat Senator Strom Thurman’s. The only difference is that the target of the Democrat Party’s anger and hatred has made an 180 degree turnaround in the last 50 years.

    You never heard a Republican President with two daughters, oh say President Richard Nixon say “Charles Manson looks just like my son if I had a son.” At least now we know what the current President thinks about his wife, her two daughters or women in general for that matter. He has more affection for a male stoner want-to-be gang banger than he has for his own precious children.

    Someone should ask the President or First Lady if they would be as keen to have someone like T. Martin as one of their future son-in-laws as the President is bent on claiming the late Mr. Martin as his own flesh and blood.

  3. scizzorbill says:

    Actually, a single stroke engine would have no speed, as it would be totally non functional. There are 2 stroke, and 4 stroke engines. I can explain the details if you like.

  4. Olaf Koenders says:

    The horror of these killing machines having high capacity fuel tanks. Bloomberg would see to that with one quart, non-refillable versions.

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