Tour de France Champion To Invade My Bike Route On August 24

If they get in my way, I am going to have to teach those young whippersnappers a thing or two about cycling up hills.

ScreenHunter_198 Aug. 04 05.32

Tour de France champion Chris Froome will race in USA Pro Challenge | The Coloradoan |

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8 Responses to Tour de France Champion To Invade My Bike Route On August 24

  1. Sundance says:

    Between the Olympics and TDF the Brits seem to be dominating the sport. Any insight as to why?

  2. Hugh K says:

    Paddle on Steve!
    Just break out the super-duper Colorado “Exceptional Drought” machine and leave the competition in your dust…er….wake.

  3. Traitor In Chief says:

    Old Age and Treachery may not be able to overcome 3 quarts of steroids and HGH.

  4. lance says:

    We have a bunch of those cyclists coming to Alberta this fall (sept) for the first ever race in Canada (at that level of competition)…and the final leg starts right here in my home town…I’m part of the organizing committee…should be pretty neat.

  5. John B., M.D. says:

    They’re having the Tour of Elk Grove today:
    It’s on the other side of town from me.
    I already got my 18 mile run in this morning.

  6. Trachyand says:

    Them Sean Kelly and Robert Millar rode here recently, albeit only between the Loch Lomond readvance and successive Dansgard-Oeschger events last millenium. What used to be tough on 1981 Reynolds 531C and 42×21 is now a pedestrian hike on Columbus SL. Meantime,evidence…

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