Ban Assault Reptiles

Two young boys are dead after they were strangled by a python that escaped an exotic pet store in northern New Brunswick and got inside the apartment where they were sleeping, police say.

The snake apparently escaped its cage in Reptile Ocean, a store in Campbellton, sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

The snake is an African rock python, according to a former store employee. The only large snake at the store, it is non-venomous and known to kill animals as large as antelopes.

The children, 5 and 7, were asleep in the apartment above the reptile store. The pair — reportedly brothers — didn’t live at the apartment but were visiting a playmate, the son of Reptile Ocean’s owner, at the time of the incident.

Two children die after python escapes pet store in Campbellton, N.B. | National Post


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4 Responses to Ban Assault Reptiles

  1. Traitor In Chief says:

    The creepy thing about this is I don’t think snakes kill without eating. Why wouldn’t the snake have had one kid for dinner and then be full?

    The story seems a bit fishy to me.

  2. scizzorbill says:

    Obviously due to global warming.

  3. nigelf says:

    As much as the Libertarian in me hates to ban things I don’t see any good coming from pet stores selling and keeping such potentially dangerous animals/reptiles. Zoos okay, but not stores where they can be bought by the public.

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