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Another Hate Crime Involving Some Of Obama’s Unarmed Michigan Sons

Police: Flint homeless man was stomped to death because alleged attacker felt “disrespected” | MLive.com They probably beat him to death with skittles. Obama will certainly make a speech about this any time now. h/t to Brian

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Obama Says He Knew That It Wasn’t A YouTube Protest

That is why they put the YouTube filmmaker in jail, and he is still in jail. For telling the truth about Islam.

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Learning To Distinguish Between Terrorism, Workplace Violence, And Spontaneous Protests

Terrorism Workplace violence Spontaneous protest

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Ban Water!

This New Jersey explosion was caused by a common ingredient found in water. Public access to water must be banned, and the chemistry of water must not be revealed!

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Fox News Introduces The “Long Assault Rifle”

On Tuesday, guards stood watch with long assault rifles outside the courthouse. Fort Hood trial turns bizarre as shooter grills witnesses | Fox News Next week they will introduce the “short sniper rifle.”

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NSIDC Using That New Boulder Measurement System

NSIDC shows Arctic sea ice about 10% higher this year than last year, and dropping fast. Satellite imagery shows that there is 50% more ice than last year (green area.) DMI has this right. They show almost 50% more ice … Continue reading

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Ban All Activities!

Nothing is safe. Even walking on the boardwalk. The government needs to immediately ban all activities – to keep us safe from terrorism, accidents and disease.

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