Obama Says He Knew That It Wasn’t A YouTube Protest

That is why they put the YouTube filmmaker in jail, and he is still in jail. For telling the truth about Islam.

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4 Responses to Obama Says He Knew That It Wasn’t A YouTube Protest

  1. Larry Fields says:

    It is Wet Blanket Larry’s understanding that the filmmaker had been arrested for a parole violation, not for “hate speech.”

  2. We knew he knew. That’s why I have emphasized all along that the central point of the Benghazi scandal is that he lied to the American people–and aiding and abetting an avowed enemy of America in doing so–in trying to make everyone believe it was a spontaneous protest of an essentially unknown video, even though any competent person knew it was not, and knew Obama knew it was not. And he continues to lie, blatantly, in claiming there is no scandal. He is just an amoral, Anti-American, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, blatant, and habitual liar (just to make it absolutely clear)–he is, in fact, the equivalent of an Idi Amin or other African tribal dictator, who is making America look just like any third-world, criminally-led African nation. He deserves to end up hiding in a hole in the ground, like Saddam Hussein (whose name he bears–how fitting).

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