Jeff Masters : Rats And Cockroaches Taking Over The Planet

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Jeff Masters says that the 0.00* degree temperature rise over the last 17 years is 10X faster than any time in history, and that it is already causing rats and cockroaches and pigeons to take over the planet.

VIDEO: Global Warming 10 Times Faster?

ScreenHunter_303 Aug. 06 19.20

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

* Specifically, that is 0.00 Celsius temperature rise.

Please do not confuse Jeff with Joe. Joe combed his hair straight back.

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18 Responses to Jeff Masters : Rats And Cockroaches Taking Over The Planet

  1. I agree with him. And he should know, he is one of them.

  2. Pathway says:

    Yes the Deamon-crat (rats and cockroaches) have taken over and look at the mess they’ve made.

  3. Fred Allen says:

    Is this what “science” has descended to? Maybe it’s all in my imagination, but intelligent people used to take their time to peruse information and actively seek alternate views and opinions. I’m sure there are those who still do, but I just don’t see them anymore in the clamboring rush to get mugs on TV and in the media in a competitive bid to be seen as subject authority figures. At least prostitutes provide a needed service.

    • F. Guimaraes says:

      If they’re mentally balanced, then they’re lying purposefully. The guy in the picture doesn’t look like an insane person IMO, therefore …
      I don’t think there is any other option and I really don’t understand why they’re doing this.

  4. Anto says:

    Hmmm…knew I’d seen this guy before.

    Marty Feldman, weather forecast:

  5. Francis de Havilland says:

    Was he talking about Detroit?

  6. Does he explain where he gets the 10X from? Or does he, like many activists, just make stuff up?

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      Well they made up part of it in the headline. In the so-called “study” they are “forecasting” the rate to increase based on the false assumptions that CO2 will cause warming. There has been no warming of 10 X.

  7. Billyjack says:

    I am sure he got it from useless computer models, that have never been able to history match, but they continue to use them.

  8. WPBHurricane05 says:

    Masters posted on his blog the other day that AGW will cause more intense hurricanes.

    Global tropical cyclone activity has decreased since 1970:

    And the accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) is not increasing:

    This weekend I have family coming in from out of town. I’ll probably take them down to Miami Beach one afternoon, where the sea level is the same as the other 10+ years I’ve gone.

  9. Andy Oz says:

    Shock news: 374 scientists have the same mental psychosis! Doctors alarmed!

    • Andy Oz says:

      384 not 374. It’s worse than first thought.

    • gofer says:

      Nowhere in that article do they tell you the actual tempertures, just like every article written by the AGW crowd. It’s always “warmest”, “temps rising faster,” “hottest”, but never something like the temps went up 2 degrees or whatever. They realize the changes are so small that most people would just laugh and think they can’t be serious. It’s all a shell game. It’s as much to do with what they don’t tell people. Everytime somebody states something like the warmest year or decade, I always pull the old Ed McMahon/Johnny Carson bit. “HOW HOT WAS IT”? Of course, they don’t know.

  10. juergenuie says:

    He is wrong. It’s 100x.
    0.00 x 100 = 0.00

  11. Adrian Vance says:

    Yes, but never forget: These are people who can create new taxes, bureaus and scare the crap out of voters! That is money-in-the-bank!

    See The Two Minute Conservative via Google or: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

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