Learning To Be An Arctic Expert

Rule #1 : Ignore this terribly inconvenient data. Parrot some bullshit some about decayed ice. Claim that “anything could happen” by September.

ScreenHunter_36 Aug. 07 16.43

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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14 Responses to Learning To Be An Arctic Expert

  1. Mike says:

    Was climate warmist John Cook acting out Nazi fantasy or preparing a false flag operation?

    Warmist nut job using photo shop in fantasy photos:

  2. Jimbo says:

    Hey Steve, you had a post re Twitter where Al insists that the Arctic is warming. Should I give up all hope? Or is Al Bore making shit up again?

  3. Jimbo says:

    Jokes aside, all they have is wind and currents to lower this baby. They are losing in slow motion, because climate change is slow and the climate IS changing. 🙂

  4. NoAlarm says:

    Enter HuffPo comments and you’ll see that ice extent doesn’t really matter anyway. It’s the ocean heat content! They must be running out of places to hide the heat. Maybe it’s on the backside of the moon.

    • Jimbo says:

      We went through the ‘extent doesn’t matter’ a few years back. It’s there modus operandi. Same thing with global mean surface temperature now deep sea diving. Know your enemy. Know your goalposts’ exact position.

  5. Robertv says:

    Jesse Ventura friend of Al Gore

  6. Jimbo says:

    The ‘Death Spiral’ has begun. Head for the hills, again. 🙂

  7. gator69 says:

    Rule #1: There are no rules

  8. Robertv says:

    AndrĂ© Rieu wants to make music with the locals of the Arctic, the Eskimo’s and the Laplanders. The world famous violinist and orchestra leader wants to give a concert with the Eskimo’s and Laplanders who will be playing their own traditional instruments, he said Thursday. Next summer Rieu aims to give a concert in the Arctic. He wants it to draw attention to the melting of the ice caps and the climate change. The musician is already preparing for what will be an expensive and complicated operation.

    “We will go there with two icebreakers, and a public of one hundred”, says Rieu. “For the public, we will look for a couple from every nation in the world.”


    The concert is scheduled for August 18, 2014. Tickets will cost 35,000 euros each.


    • Jason Calley says:

      “Tickets will cost 35,000 euros each.”

      One third of which will go to diesel fuel for the ice breakers, gasoline for the sound system generators, and basic heating for the cabins.

    • Ben says:

      “and a public of one hundred”
      “For the public, we will look for a couple from every nation in the world”

      Rieu believes there are only fifty countries in the world?

  9. RobertInAz says:

    Finally went below 0.

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