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White House Justice Announcement

In Obama’s ongoing efforts to be fair, consistent and uniform, he will now preside judgement over all parole hearings, fist fights and self-defense cases which come up before the legal system.

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Proof That They Have The Wrong Man

Closer examination of the surveillance imagery proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Major Hasan is innocent.

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Minnesota August Afternoon Temperatures Plummeting Since 1930

Must be all that fossil fuel burning, or missing heat, or missing Arctic ice, or climate disruption, or Chinese aerosols, or ……

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Grant Him His Final Wish

Any volunteers to grant this man his dying wish? I think he should have the opportunity to face his victims, while they are armed as well as he was. Then he can find out what a hero he is, shooting … Continue reading

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Guardian Article From 1972

Around 1972, The Manchester Guardian wrote an article stating that the first atomic test occurred at Los Alamos. No one I have talked to in Los Alamos remembers a nuclear bomb going off there. It must have happened at night … Continue reading

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South Dakota August Temperatures Plummeting Over The Last 80 Years

With the hottest part of the month over, this August is already one of the 10 coldest on record in South Dakota. President Obama says that the US is heating out of control.

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Global Warming To Hit The Fan After You Are Dead

You should buy Arctic beachfront property, because after you are dead it is going to be really warm there. Now’s the time to buy up that Arctic waterfront property you’ve been dreaming of. New evidence shows that, while we may … Continue reading

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Santa Fe Drought Warning : “Recent heavy rains have saturated the ground”

Yesterday, the LA Times declared that Santa Fe would never recover from the drought. The National Weather Service is warning today of more flash floods in Santa Fe because the ground is saturated with rainwater. Warnings for Jemez Mountains, New … Continue reading

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Sea Ice Melting As Fast As Al Gore’s Waistline

Twitter / algore: Grim signs from @NOAA’s new …

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Nine Months Since Obama Signed The Whistleblower Protection Act

Obama Signs Whistleblower Protection Bill into Law – Corruption Currents – WSJ Nine months later …. Obama’s abuse of the Espionage Act is modern-day McCarthyism | John Kiriakou | Comment is free | theguardian.com

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