Obama Says That He Has Cut The Deficit In Half

Obama told Leno that he has cut the deficit in half, when in fact he has tripled it.

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Table 1.1—Summary of Receipts, Outlays, and Surpluses or Deficits (-): 1789–2018

You have to admire his ability to tell one lie after another with absolutely no sense of remorse, or show any signs of having a conscience.

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30 Responses to Obama Says That He Has Cut The Deficit In Half

  1. miked1947 says:

    That was such an outrageous lie I did not even blink when he said it. Just Skeeter doing BAU!

  2. gator69 says:

    Obviously we can now add geography and math to the unending list of things that Skeeter just doesn’t get. He was right about one thing, he definitely could have been Trayvon.

  3. Steve I mostly enjoy your comments and site but recently you have been copying the alarmists
    and pushing the envelope in how you present things . eg this bit about Obama and the deficit. The 2009 deficit is really entirely due to Bush and the financial crisis created under him. The deficit for 2013 which is what I’m sure Obama is referring to will likely be half of that. Stick to the climate stuff – your political stuff and obvious bias detracts from your mostly great climate comments. But also there is no need to exaggerate there either. eg The DMI Arctic temps have yet to cross the freezing line as you claimed several days ago- close but no cigar. Don’t lose your credibility like the establishment crowd have. Best Regards.Keep up the good work.

    • Utter nonsense. TARP was a one time off-budget charge caused largely by Dems taking over Congress in 2006, and pushed through by Barack Obama. It should have dropped back down the next year.

    • Latitude says:

      Norman, the democrats motto is “is a little bit of Bush was good, a lot more Bush is a whole lot better”…..they multiplied what Bush did many times over…and claim it’s Bush’s fault

    • R. de Haan says:

      Sorry Norman, I don’t agree: Debt by President:

      Obama is a walking disaster for the USA. Not only in terms of deficit creation but also in terms of waste and corrupt spending schemes.

    • Latitude says:

      “The 2009 deficit is really entirely due to Bush and the financial crisis created under him.”

      Norman, you’ve been had…..
      How is it that the democrats are complaining Republicans control the money, because they control Congress…..but yet, when the democrats took over Congress in 2007, they were so weak and ineffective, they didn’t?

      Pelosi and the democrats took over Congress the last two years of Bush…Bush was a lame duck

      The 2009 deficit sits flat out in the democrats lap……it was created under a democrat controlled Congress

    • Mike D says:

      Norman, the “stimulus” was signed in Feb. 2009, with the intent being to drive up 2009 spending, specifically so that Obama could use his line about cutting the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Also to claim that he inherited a trillion dollar deficit, when in fact he was a big reason for much of the spending in 2009.

      The final year of a President’s term is usually attributed to them since it started under them. However, for 2009 only half the year’s spending was signed by Bush since he wanted lower spending for the tail end of the year than the Dems did. So Congress only passed and Bush singed half a year of spending. That’s why there was the Omnibus Spending Bill in March 2009, also signed by Obama.


      Just looking at the increases in discretionary spending from 2008 to 2009, which of these seem like Bush would have done them vs. Obama.

      Top 10 increases in discretionary spending 2008 to 2009
      General Services Administration 1857%
      Department of Transportation 310%
      Department of Energy 193%
      Department of Education 172%
      Department of Commerce 119%
      Environmental Protection Agency 99%
      Corps of Engineers–Civil Works 83%
      National Science Foundation 56%
      Department of Health and Human Services 53%

      From table 5.4 from here:

    • Hmmm… Bush “caused” the financial crisis, although oddly, the policies that created the housing bubble were largely bi-partisan and Obama’s administration has largely continued down the same path. (Although recently he has made some noises that he wants to correct some of those mistakes.) One would have hoped that those in charge of the economy would not have been so foolish as to create such a huge mess in the first place. But unfortunately they weren’t.

  4. R. de Haan says:

    I really wonder why the public was applauding every freaking word he spoke.
    It must have been a public of brain dead chicken.

  5. phodges says:

    I heard that he also said,re the NSA, “There is no domestic spying program.”

  6. Obama basically let the country’s finances be run by and for the benefit of Goldman Sachs and Wall St.Certainly on climate matters Obama spouts utter nonsense. This site is entitled Real Science and makes a great contribution in this area .Steve All the very partisan political comments detract from the science comments IMHO. – I really wish you well – Think about it.

    • No matter how you look at it, he has not cut the deficit in half.

    • Robertv says:

      No it is the same monster . You can not separate them from each other.One can not survive without the other.

    • One half of the country–your half, apparently–thinks any criticism of Obama is partisan. It is not partisan to point out blatant lies meant only to seduce Americans and keep them from waking up (and to demonize those who are awake, and not afraid to speak out).

    • R. de Haan says:

      You can’t disconnect the abuse of the science from politics as you can’t disconnect UN Agenda 21 from Climate Change Policy.

      It is a very good thing to address the lying bitches running this country and the rest of the world into the ground.

      Just continue the quest.

      I am a very satisfied visitor of this blog.

  7. zeppelin1969 says:

    The Republicans are in control of congress and I do not see them doing anything but cave time and time again to this idiot. Obama sucks but congress is worse in my poor opinion. We need a strong middle of the road 3rd party that can pull these lunatics back towards the center. There is room for compromise on most things. I feel most people are closer to the middle than the left and right fringe.

    The right doesn’t like abortion fine don’t have one. Added benefit less democrats. If god was against them there would be no miscarriages instead of close to 30% of pregnancies ending in miscarriage.

    The left doesn’t like guns good don’t buy one shorter lines at the gun counter.

    The right doesn’t like gays, I love gay men leaves more women for me.

    Wanna smoke weed I don’t see anything wrong with it alcohol is much worse. Don’t like it don’t do it just don’t sit there with a cocktail claiming superiority.

    Simplest solution to today’s problems mind your own business.

    • righttolivemyownlife says:

      unless you’re the goverment, then get into everybody’s business and pocketbook so you can give that money to everyone else.

  8. JC Villar says:

    The Washington Compost claims that the 2009 figure, by the way the deficit is accounted, belongs to Bush. Any info from the readers on this?

  9. GJ says:

    I am pretty conservative, but your claim is, “Obama told Leno that he has cut the deficit in half, when in fact he has tripled it.” How can you support that statement? It may be accurate, or it may not, but you should say something to support it.

    The Deficit and the Debt are two different things. The country’s Debt may be triple, but I cannot find anything saying the Deficit is tripled or any numbers to support that. Please let me know where you looked.

  10. hey dummies, 2009 was Bush s last budget the defecit was 1.4 trillion it is now 648 billion he did cut the defecit in half. you morons have to remember the fiscal yr starts Oct 1 , for the government, and runs until sept. therefor Obama had no control of the 2009 budget, it was already settled law by the time he came in office, so he inherited a defecit of 1.3 trillion,. Now do you dummies get it. what morons, no wonder you all vote republican, idiots

    • Hey moron, TARP was a one-time off-budget billion dollar charge which Obama pushed through the Senate in the autumn of 2008. Only an imbecile or a liar would use that as an excuse for Obama’s 30% increase in spending.

    • gator69 says:

      “Before inauguration. Senator Obama voted for the budgets he would later blame on Bush, and for the TARP bailout. After just two months of TARP, the Bush administration said it was done — crisis averted. In fact, President Bush was done after using about $270 billion of the $350 B that was authorized by Congress. But as a courtesy to the incoming president, Bush would request the second $350B from Congress if President-Elect Obama asked for it.

      President-Elect Obama asked for it, and he got it. Tim Geithner, who could not do his own taxes and who, as a regulator, did nothing about the Libor scandal, would have all $700B to play with.”


    • Andy Oz says:

      Obama has doubled the federal debt from $8 trillion to $16.5 trillion and now wants to raise it to $25 Trillion. Do you think, robby, that tripling debt in 8 years is a good economic performance? Obama is bankrupting the US and dummies and the Media corpse applaud. Bush added $4 trillion and Obama will finish up adding 4 times that amount. Disaster of the first magnitude.

  11. Latitude says:

    hat’s a great idea…
    I’ll run my credit cards up to the limit…
    …and just call and have them raise my limit

    No wonder you’re a liberal

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