The Death Of Arctic Alarmism : It Is Worse Than It Seems

Almost the entire polar ice cap has dropped below freezing – several weeks early.

ScreenHunter_62 Aug. 07 19.32ScreenHunter_61 Aug. 07 19.31

sfctmp_01.fnl.gif (800×618)

Gaia is giving the one fingered salute to the Death Spiral hoaxsters.

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17 Responses to The Death Of Arctic Alarmism : It Is Worse Than It Seems

  1. F. Guimaraes says:

    Wonderful news!!! The Arctic ice recovery is happening fast, all we need now is the AMO to go even lower and the PDO to go back to strong negative as last year.
    If this happens 2014 will bring even more good news like this.

    • Aren’t we overdue for a Pinatubo type eruption to completely bury this scam?

      • Traitor In Chief says:

        I’m afraid they would use the eruption to excuse the cooling.

        • Bill_W says:

          I agree, with a volcano and a weak sun cycle, they will have enough excuses to keep the scam going until it starts to warm in the next part of the apparent 60 year climate cycle.

      • F. Guimaraes says:

        I don’t know Steve, I have the *impression* that large VEI6+ eruptions don’t happen during periods of strong EQs (mag-9 level, I mean) and we had 2 mag 9’s in 2004 and 2011 and a mag. 8.8 in 2010. If you look at the data of USGS and the history of large eruptions during the XX century (a total 3 VEI6+) you’ll see that there is a “quiet period” of a decade or more after a large EQ for a big eruption to happen, and vice-versa.
        This is obviously speculative but I think we’ll have to wait some 10 years or more to see another “Pinatubo”.
        But I agree with you and I hope I’m wrong about this.
        Another VEI6+ now would bring *real* climate change worldwide: of the *cooling* type.

  2. There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

    I’m game, just as long as the eruption stays way from Yellow Stone.

  3. Caleb says:

    A storm like last summer’s is lashing the arctic ice, and I think we need to bide our time, and wait and see, before claiming any sort of “victory” in this inane and largely meaningless debate about arctic sea ice.

    Ice extents only matter because Alarmists made such a big deal about it. It actually would be a good thing to have arctic ice all but vanish, as (I think) was the situation when the Vikings settled Greenland. However it would be a bad thing, politically, and therefore we desire something that will make life harder. Once we win this silly battle with Alarmists, I hope this world gets nice and toasty.

    For some reason the most giant battles of World War Two come into my mind, when I think of last summer’s arctic storm, and this summer’s storm. Last summer’s storm was like the Battle of Stalingrad, which most everyone knows about. This summer’s storm is like the Battle of Kursk, which few know about. The two battles were a year apart, like the two storms.

    As most know, in the Battle of Stalingrad the German army made huge advances, but ran into a stone wall at Stalingrad. Last summer those rooting for ice to shrink saw huge advances which ran into a wall, called various “negative feedbacks.” (If anyone asks, I’ll explain.)

    As few know, the following year the German’s unleashed a huge attack at Kursk, which basically went nowhere. It was the actual turning point of the war. In the same way, the current summer storm is giant, but I think it will not have an effect anything like last summer’s storm, in terms of eroding ice, due to the same “negative feedbacks.”

    Am I right? Only observing will tell.

    • Jorge says:

      The storm is in the opposite area from last year. It’s on the side where the ice is thickest, therefore it’ll likely spread it out making the extent even larger.

    • Clayton Smith says:

      Not to entirely change the subject, however, defining the Battle of Kursk as the true turning point of the Russo/German War (1941-1945) should be rejected. The so-called Battle of Stalingrad does not rightly qualify. The true end of realistic German prospects in the East occurred at Tula in the late Fall and early Winter of 1941, as the German Panzer armies under the command of General Guderian (my misspelling) were decimated and rebuffed. This pointed out two important events, one was the clear inferiority of the German equipment to the Soviet equipment, second was the fact that the Soviets had been able to disassemble their manufacturing facilities in the Ukraine and move them in fully functioning condition, along with their workforces and reassembled them in their hinterland. This was due to Budenny’s great sacrifices during the Battle of Kiev in the previous Summer. It diverted the main thrust on Moscow, drawing the core of the Panzer forces to the South, following the Battle of Smolensk. It was the age old problem of having nearly unlimited objectives to be achieved with limited resources. The final unmitigable act of self-destruction for the German forces in occurred midway through the Summer offensive in the South, when Hitler ordered the shift in objectives for the Panzer forces in the Northern part of the operation to change their focus from converging with Paulus’ 6th Army on the Volga, to pass in front of it and to go off into the Caucus Mountains in hope of capturing the oil fields at Baku. From that point on, the Wehrmacht lost all its tactical advantages, its resources deployed in a hideously vulnerable jumble that not even the brilliant von Manstein could correct. Check out “The Chief Culprit,” by Victor Suvorov.
      Returning to the subject of this page, I agree with you that it is a profound misfortune to wish for something a deplorable as a bout of cooling disprove and discredit the intellectual sham of the climate alarmists. The economic implications inherent in such an event could be catastrophic, both from a humanitarian prospective, as well as from the political fallout such suffering will bring about. Increased warfare and police state oppression come immediately to mind. I too would rather be toasty than cold. Why no one talks up the agricultural positives of living in a warm, wet, CO2 saturated environment, is beyond me. If things get substantially colder, then commodity prices will head much higher, and given the democratic paradigm we live in, price controls and rationing will follow after they have risen to double or triple their current levels. This will compound a real problem with one of economic irrationality. A grinding downward economic mobility will then set in and likely last for several generations, or until the beautiful warming we have all basked in returns.

  4. @njsnowfan says:

    Cool, DC tied record for today lowest high temp for the date, 4 th time in 127 years. If no pavement then it would of been broken..Obama must of hat the sweats..

  5. I’m sure Alarmists will be relieved that the danger has been averted… for now.

  6. Reblogged this on Power To The People and commented:
    No need to impoverish and kill the poor now with high energy costs to save the arctic from melting.

  7. The Arctic thaw season is in a death spiral.

  8. catweazle666 says:

    “If this happens 2014 will bring even more good news like this.”

    On one level I agree wholeheartedly.

    On the other hand, up here in the Yorkshire Dales, we could really do with a bit of Global Warming!

  9. Vuil Uil says:

    Not to worry the AGW brigade have quietly slipped into Climate Change mode. And then a few years down the road Climate Change will slip into AGC and they’ll be blaming aircraft, cars and general human activity for the particulate matter that is causing the cooling.

    Think I’m exaggerating? Go and look at Paul Ehrlich’s hysterical writings from the 1970s about earth being destroying by the population getting to about 4 billion. When that didn’t happen did he feel embarrassed? Not at all.

    Paul continues to make prognostications of doom simply adjusting his message to the crisis of the moment. And he is still given air time in many prestigious publications.

    The warmist crowd will do the same. All part of the Global Alarmist Industry. A darn good business to be in.

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